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Jun 9, 2009 09:54 AM

New - Asia Palace, Providence

This new Asian restaurant (Thai, Chinese, Japanese) called "Asia Palace" opened up about six weeks ago, and i have been going there each week. The food is very good. It's located on North Main Street (where 'Off Track Bedding" used to be).

My friends and I have been sticking to the Chinese side of the menu (we're not big on Japanese or Thai). The Crab Rangoons are very good (freezer-to-fryolator, but still very good) as is the Boneless spare ribs for appetizers. I've stuck to the traditional 'combination dinners' each week to try them out and none of them have been disappointing. What's most important (to me at least) is that the food is very fresh, espeically the fried rice. Sometimes in Chinese restaurants the rice has that 'reheated again and again' taste to it, but all the food here is very fresh and served in very generous portions. (The only flaw - sometimes, it needed a little kick to flavor it more).

The inside dining room is very clean (they have a small room facing the street, a bigger room in the back area which just got completed), the prices are very reasonable (especially for a family or large group). The service was very attentive, even on a busy Sunday afternoon. The owner Jeff, (who is friendly and 'eye-candy') told us on our last visit he will have the bar open soon - waiting on his liquor license. The bar area is very big and inviting, so he should do well with those looking to have drinks as well.

If anyone is venturing to try a new Asian restaurant for some very good food in a great clean atmosphere, I do suggest you try this place. It;s a welcome addition to that area. .

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  1. I agree--we tried it w/the 5 yo and 2 yo this weekend, and LOVED it (though we stuck to the Japanese items, and it seems to me this place is Japanese, despite its characteristically westerner-oriented Thai/Chinese/Japanese/everything menu). The place is immaculate, the servers incredibly attentive and friendly (one even made a bib out of a napkin and put it on my 2 yo when things got a little messy and I was oblivious). Ordered the bento box w/teriyaki salmon and it was outstanding. Wasn't planning on ordering sushi b/c hadn't heard anything about this place, so ordered an eel/avocado roll and it was so good, rice just right, eel perfectly cooked, next time I'm definitely going sushi only. I'm worried that the owner put too much money into the granite staircase and wooden booths and that they won't make it where they're located (it seems like more of a Wayland Sq. type of restaurant than N Main St.), but I hope they do make it. Fresher, more care in cooking, better service than 98% of the restaurants in Providence.

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      I must say I have probably frequent this restaurant 2-3 times per month, whenever I'm in the mood for Chinese food. I've done take-out as well as dine-in with different friends. I have to say - this is really the only place for me for Chinese food. It's delicious, the restaurant is very clean, and the service is top-notch. I wondered if would fall off after the intial opening, but it's worth mentioning this place has gotten even better.

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        I will have to go and try it... did you have any of the Thai food? Seems overpriced, to me.

        1. re: malyna

          I didn't have any of the Thai food yet, Some other friends have said the place seemed pricey for Chinese/Asian food, but considering the place is clean - that's worth the price for me!

    2. Went there once recently and agree with just about everything that has been said. The dining room was pleasant and clean, the service was very attentive. The Chinese food was your typical suburban chinese, but done well. I think this fills a void in Providence, or at least in the East Side. The sushi was decent. Not sure how Japanese the restaurant is though. My father in law had soba noodle that seemed like they had spent some time in an oily wok. We called it so-mein. It was good, just not what you expect soba to be!