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Jun 9, 2009 09:28 AM

New Flippin' Pizza - Falls Church

I just passed the new Spectrum building and saw the NOW OPEN sign up at Flippin' Pizza. I remember some mention of a Flippin' somewhere in the area on one of the "There's no New York pizza here" discussions. At the risk of re-opening that never ending discussion, can anyone report on Flippin' objectively? Do they sell slices or pizzas small enough for a one person lunch? Thick crust? Thin crust? Cracker crust? Cardboard crust?

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  1. I have eaten the one in Reston a few times.

    Thin crust. Not too greasy. They do sell by slice.

    They have a nice $5 two slice and a drink special which is good.

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      I had lunch there today. Not bad for oven re-heated slices. The crust is thin, not too soft, but not crispy either. Kind of made me feel good about eating pizza without all the bread. They only have the Pepsi family sodas so far, no juices, but still $5.50 for as much pizza as I could eat in a sitting and a Dr. Pepper made a decent lunch. I liked the FAQ on the menu:

      Q: How can you tell real New York pizza?
      A: It's in your face all the time.

      Q: Does the name "Flippin'" have any hidden meanings?
      A: Yes

      I also noticed that there's now a new sign in the window down the street where Not Your Ordinary Joe's was supposed to go in, for what will hopefully be a couple of more good food spots - Foster's Grill and Mad Fox Brewing Co.

      1. re: MikeR

        mike, here is some more info on the mad fox and foster's grill:

        it has links to their websites, and those have further details, e.g., the mad fox's brewer, bill madden, has a blog:

        i'm looking forward to the mad fox! look what he says in his most recent blog post:

        "Spring is coming on strong here in the Mid Atlantic which for Vintage 50 means it is time to brew Saison, a Belgian inspired farmhouse ale. ..... The yeast used to ferment this beer is sourced from the great Belgian brewery, Saison DuPont from the Wallonian region. .... This yeast strain is quirky and is known to ferment fast and furious for the first part of fermentation and then suddenly stop in its tracks only to restart and ferment out the brew. It scared the heck out of me the first time I used it but now I understand how to work with it, patience. We will have this Saison on tap in about a months time [ed. which should be now].


        "I like to experiment with spices for this brew and this time upped the amount of coriander, bold tellicherry peppercorns and kala jeera (also known as black cumin). All the spices came from Penzey’s which conveniently has a location just across the street from where Mad Fox Brewing Company will be in Falls Church. Perfect!"

        1. re: alkapal

          I posted about Mad Fox and Foster's a few months back when I saw an announcement in the Business column of the Falls Church News Press. I'm glad to see that there's some progress. I was joking with a friend of mine who lives a couple of blocks from there and who's running out of space in her house and loves good beer. I suggested that she see if they'd lease her some office space. <g>

          Most of my eating out is lunches, and a pub will be a nice change now and then.

          Looks like Flippin' Pizza is growing like flippin' weeds around here, too.

      2. re: johnalex13

        I ate at this joint this past Friday. I've had my experience with NY style pizza, so I can do a good comparison. Overall, I give them a B.

        I ordered a cheese pie with sausage and pepperoni for a family of 4. When we got it, the pie looked good, but it seemed to really lack in sauce, quantity of cheese, and quantity of toppings. The size of each slice was average too. I'm used to large pies and large slices for NY style pizza.

        Taste was pretty good, but I only had 2 slices and pretty much left hungry. I considered ordering a calzone too, but it's $9 plus $.50 for each filling.

        Drinks were $1.50 each with free refills. Service was great, as everyone was extra attentive. They gave pizza dough to kids to play with. They had a huge staff for a Friday night, but I wouldn't say the place was packed. Most of the tables were taken in this narrow joint, but just as people finished, more people arrived to take their spot.

        The location is pretty much deserted. Only this joint and the post office is there. Plenty of easy parking.

        Overall, I can't see how this joint can survive if their rent goes up. Menu is limited as is seating. Their menu consists of Pizza, calzone, one salad, garlic knots, soda and bottled beer. Their pizza is better than Pie-Tanza up the road, but Pie-Tanza is a full fledged restaurant that has a LOT more options besides pizza.

        Overall, the best NY style pizza I've had in this area is probably Luciano's in Tysons, and Gianni's in Severn, MD.

        1. re: Chownut

          I went yesterday to Flippin Pizza in West Falls Church.

          I drove just because I got this $25 Certificate...

          Here we go:

          I am a 2Amys pizza girl, however I can say this about Fillpin Pizza. As many have mentioned about little toppins they put on the pizza. DONT even try with the salad please... is $4.50 and it's pure sadness... I would rather spend the money on 2 light beers or just save the salad for another day.

          I ordered pepperoni and mushrooms I was very surprised to find that my mushrooms were not from a can like many other of these joints... it reminded me of the Italian Store but with a thin crust... it did need a little more of sauce and a touch more of cheese... but it tasted just fine but I think I would still rather other from the Italian Store.

          If you are around and hungry you should give it a try, the guys in there were very friendly and love their craft of "flippin'" the pizza =)


      3. A Flippin' Pizza has also opened in the Pinecrest Shopping Center on Little River Turnpike, sort of around the corner from the Hollywood Video and Five Guys. Haven't been in yet; I think it's been open about a month now.

        1. I got two pies from the Bethesda location last week. One plain cheese (18" for $14) for my 9 yo son. The other was called the "Brooklyn - Meatballs, Pepperoni, Mushroom and Garlic" 18" for $18). Not cheap.

          Obviously I am never going to compare this to Two Amy's, etc. But 1) It is SIGNIFICANTLY better than any other chain pizza, ie Dominos, Pappa Johns, 2) I liked the this thin, new yorkish crust and the zesty sauce better than Mamma Lucia, 3) It is probably a really close runner up to Vace, our preferred carry-out. That's a pretty good pie!

          Two Amys
          3715 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20016

          3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

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          1. re: Pappy

            Your son is really packing away the pizza!

            1. re: Pappy

              Flippin' (Falls Church) was reviewed in the Falls Church News Press this week:

              They had the same comment as yours - that this isn't an inexpensive pizza. But size matters. An 18" pizza is about 255 square inches. A 12" "gourmet, wood fired oven" pizza is about 113 square inches. In terms of cost per square inch, the Filppin' is a better buy. As to which is the better pizza experience, that's a matter of what kind of pizza you enjoy.

              Valentino's (Landmark) charges $16 for a plain 20" with toppings at $3 each (oddly the same regardless of the size of the pizza - they have a 14" and 20" square as well) so that's probably the best deal, and it's also pretty good pizza in roughly the same style as Flippin'. But for a slice or two, Flippin' has the best deal.