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Jun 9, 2009 09:22 AM

Road Trip fron NJ to Woods Hole, MA

We are driving from Northern NJ to the ferry terminal at Woods Hole in August. It's a long drive about 5 hours. We will look for someplace cheap and cheery to stay overnight before we catch an early morning ferry. I would like some suggestions for meals that are not far from our route, which basically 95 to 195. Looking for clam shack casual places. Aunt Carries in Narragansett sounds good, but don't want to add an hour to our trip. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. We used to go to Abbot's in the Rough as kids in Noank CT. Not sure if it's still any's 2 hours max from Noank to Woods Hole, Mas o Menos

    1. Over the years, we have stopped into a few clam shacks in CT. - on the way to Wood's Hole- including Fred's Shanty in New London, Sea Swirl in Mystic, Cove Fish Market also in Mystic, and Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook. They probably all have web sites now with directions and menus. Personally, I like stopping in Mystic as it's so pretty and not too much further until the completion of your journey in Woods Hole. I can't testify to any recent experiences at any of these places, though, so maybe others can chime in.

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        thank you, clam shacks are definitely on my agenda

      2. Where might you be looking for your "cheap (ha) and cheery (haha) lodging for the night? This would be quite helpful in selecting an eating location.
        Without any further info, I can only suggest eating and staying on the Cranberry Highway in Wareham just before you get on the Cape and make sure you have lodging reservations well in advance for August

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          Hey Scargoe, we're open to suggestions. It's approx 5 hours from NJ to Woods Hole. We want to leave here around 3PM to miss traffic and would like to stay overnight within 30 minutes or so of the ferry terminal. We're taking our car so we don't have worry about parking and shuttles etc. We're open for lodging and eating advice. I don't even know what the Cranberry HIghway is. I obviously need help, thank you.

          1. re: lukshen

            We are staying in Falmouth, InnSeason Harborwalk Resort for $81, but that's 5 long hours from NJ. So anywhere good and convenient works for us, thanks again.

        2. I often travel Providence - NJ (Edison) and I always stop for lunch at Super Dooper Weenie at exit 24 , RT 95 (Blackrock Turnpike) in CT. Great hot dogs and fries. Its about 3 minutes off the highway.

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            Wow- I don't eat meat, but I want to stop at Super Dooper Weenie. Thanks for the tip!

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              thanks tanker, I grew up in Edison. How many hours from Edison is it? We're leaving from West Orange, about a 1/2 hour north. So you drive 95? I've read on CH that people try every way to avoid it. I'm still looking for some dinner suggestions too, thanks again.