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Jun 9, 2009 09:19 AM

Masala Mantram is now Tandoori Palace

I recently learned that Masala Mantram, the Indian-Pakistani place in Chomedey, has become Tandoori Palace, either bought by / partnered with Tandoori Xpress further east.

I knew that Tandoori Xpress was opening a new location here, but I didn't know it was Masala Mantram. We called Tandoori Xpress for an order last night (butter chicken, Vindaloo Shrimp and gobi aloo) and after taking my address down he told me to call another number, which I knew (from memory, I order from both joints alot. :) ) was MM's number. Driving by there today I saw that the sign out front had changed too.

Hopefully, the menus were merged in such a way that you can now get the best things from MM (balti, garlic naan, etc) and TX (butter chicken, tandoori vegetables, etc) from either place. I'll try and post a follow-up later on this week.

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    1. I think someone posting on this board a week or two ago had already mentioned this change.

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        Gah, my bad - missed that thread - although the menu hasn't been dropped as they seemed to mention in the thread, I asked if they still carried balti and the owner said yes (which they didn't at TX). Either way, except for the Balti, mainly, I largely preferred the food at Tandoori Xpress, so the fact that it's now a 5 minute walk from my place is a good thing.