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Jun 9, 2009 09:17 AM

Amalfi on Tenth - Pittsburgh

This is the place that was formely called Abruzzi's, next door to the Holiday Inn Express in Pittsburgh. Went there last week. Delicious meals!!! Had the chix parmesan. Was very flavorful & tender & came w/ a side & salad. I also added on a cup of wedding soup - very flavorful as well!! Husband had eggplant parm, and it was so moist & delicious too! Nice homemade desserts. Going back this Saturday for Hubby's b-day with the rest of our family. I am surprised there are not any posts about this place yet! It is a must go!

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  1. I also dined here recently and had a good meal. The service was lacking a bit though....see my review here....