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Jun 9, 2009 09:11 AM

Where to find sweet butter/fine chocolate

*deleted sweet butter question as I am a complete dunce!**

I'm also looking for chocolate chips -- maybe a finer brand like Ghirardelli (or others!). I did a search and found the Lindt warehouse in Scarborough for bulk purchases, but for a bag or two, are there other places?


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  1. If you are refering to Lindt place @ Markham Rd and Finch then it is an outlet not a warehouse or factory. They do not sell chocolate chips in bulk. It is just a place for them to unload extra inventory. They probably would not carry chocolate chips very often as this is a year round item. I would try Loblaws or Longos (or some other higher end grocery store).

    1. I am not sure where you are located but on the Danforth Sun Valley has Ghirardelli double chocolate chips for $6 and across the street at Strictly Bulk they are $4. I think Whole Foods also has them along with some other more upscale chocolate chip options.

      1. Ghirardelli chips are widely available. I have seen them at mainstream supermarkets (though I'm blank as to the specifics) and along the Danforth.

        I have Callibaut chocolate nibs (not exactly the same as chips, but interchangeable in most recipes) from Bonnie Stern.

        1. i've seen callebaut and valrhona chocolate chunks @ mccall's in etobicoke ... you could chop these up and make your own 'chips'. i've been tempted to buy some but the price is a bit unnerving! i'll get there though ... just gotta work up the nerve!

          and i saw callebaut hunks and chunks @ st. lawrence market (south market, lower level) ... can't remember the store but it was in one of the corners - lots of other interesting dried goods (olive oils, vinegars, etc.) there.

          1. I always buy Callebaut chocolate chips at Bulk Barn. I have also seen Ghiradelli chips at Michael Angelo's on Hwy 7 at Woodbine.