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Jun 9, 2009 08:50 AM

Delray Beach Atlantic Ave!

Dear Readers,

I am looking for a good, full-service option off of the Atlantic Ave strip. In favor of a fairly short cab ride from the Marriott, at dinner time, for a high-end meal with drinks. I was considering Il Girasole or 5th Ave Grill, among others. My only issue is that I've done every place on Atlantic (from 32 East on the western end to Luna Rosa at the eastern end) and am really interested to try anything off of the main drag.............

Much appreciated,

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      Bamboo Fire is great and off the avenue as requested, but I would hardly call it high end. More like Caribbean shack. The food, however, is terrific and the owners couldn't be nicer.

      1. re: Alfred G

        Well, a bit nicer then a "shack, not exactly Doc's', and every bit as "high end' as Luna Rosa.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Do you guys have an opinion regarding Il Girasole?


          1. re: JB3

            We were at Il Girasole twice last winter. We went back the second time because we thought we might have been wrong about the first time since it was really crowded, the servers were under a lot of strain and things just didn't work like a restaurant at that price point should. We still didn't like it the second time. The food is OK, not great. The service the second time was better, but we still had to wait and ask the busboy to send the server to the table. The wait for the check was so long that we went to the front and had them get it for us. Needless to say it was a big disappointment and certainly didn't require a third visit for final confirmation. We won't be back next winter!

    2. Da-Da on Swinton - definitely full service - north of Doc's - opposite Old School Square

      Tryst on Atlantic by 32 East - tapas bar

      Nothing wrong with 5th Avenue - nice bar - good traditional food

      If you feel like slumming (just kidding) try Las Vegas for Cuban - NE corner Fed. Hwy & Linton

      1. have you tried Bostons next to Luna Rosa, upstairs is nice.

        There is also Calypso and the one across the Intracoastal whose name escapes me, both have great views, food is ok in both but they lack atmosphere in my opinion.

        Certainly try Bamboo Fire - we locals on Chowhound all love it.

        I have not tried Cafe Loradana. Also the Mellow Mushroom (pizza) both off Atlantic

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        1. re: smartie

          Great ideas!
          Do you know anything about the seemingly many Italian places that dot Federal between Delray and Boca? I'm including Il Girasole and several other large, full service looking places. Any recs?


          1. re: JB3

            I know the ones you mean but no never tried them. I think if I am going to Atlantic I want atmosphere and a stroll before or after dinner. Those other places are drive to and drive home.

            1. re: smartie

              You're right and that's what I'm looking for. I planning on being at the Marriott for several nights and was looking for a spot that I could take a taxi to and from. I think I've had dinner, or at least drinks, at every spot on Atlantic. I'd like to try something different.
              I would appreciate any ideas that you have..........say up to 20 minute drive from Atlantic / A1A.


              1. re: JB3

                JB don't know when you were last here but there are a few new places on the Ave

                Vic and Angelos on the tracks
                Cut 432

                Elwoods has closed down so has Louis Louis.

                Dont forget it's not easy getting a cab back!

        2. Just thought of 2 other places. One - La Cigale on SE 5th (I think) is one that we liked. And we wanted to go to Saporissimo (not sure of the spelling) in Boca that was recommended by a friend with a very educated palate. We'll be going there next winter.

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          1. re: bucksguy14

            I love Saporissimo's! One of my fav Italian restaurants!

          2. Listen.

            I know you are looking for a high-end meal. My family and I are a big fan of those too.
            But my parents found this incredible incredible Thai restaurant. Simply amazing food. End of discussion.

            They came upon it when they were waiting outside 5th Avenue Grill, which is right across the street from this place, called Shallots Asian Bistro.

            Again, from the outside, it looks like a former Pizza Hut or something. Inside is nothing fancy. But their kitchen is spotless. Their food is fresh, light and simply baller. Owners are always there. From Miramar or something. Have a son and daughter than manage the front. Its decent size from the inside but nothing crazy....just go man.

            Had their Green curry the other day. amazing. try the pad thai with fried tofu as well. also told them to make a steamed red snapper with these veggies and it was delicious.

            just give it a try, for lunch or dinner...youll thank me later. peace.
            other than that, the modern stake house looks good but havent been? and how good is 32 east?