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Jun 9, 2009 08:23 AM

Best Clam Shack "Experience" in/near Boston

My family is coming from Nevada to visit and would like to go somewhere near Boston (within 20 min drive) where they can experience a real New England style clam shack with tasty but relatively inexpensive food. Preferable this will be near the water or have somewhere to eat outside. I know there is Kelly's in Revere which is in our price range but do you have any other recommendations that are in the area without having to drive all the way to Cape Ann?

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  1. Tony's on Wollaston Beach Blvd in Quincy. Short drive, on the water and great/inexpensive food. Sit outside or inside.

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    1. re: Science Chick

      Second Tony's. I've already been a few times this year and the fried clams are as good as ever. The Clam Box also on Wollaston Blvd (Quincy Shore Dr) is a good option, and they have a beer and wine license.

      1. re: Science Chick

        Is this very far from the Wollaston T? I don't know that area well, and of course the website only gives driving directions... lol

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          No, not really very close. The red line skirts along Newport Ave and the Wollaston stop is about 2 miles away from Quincy Shore Drive (according to Google Maps). It's pretty much a driving destination.

      2. Great thanks! I think we will give Tony's a try

        1. I think the clams at Tony's and the Clam Box are equally very good. What puts tha Clam Box way ahead for me is that Tony's uses Cains mayo in their tarter sauce, and I don't like Cain's mayo. As far as Kelly's goes...I could never understand why some like the clams there. Whenever I've gotten them, they've been like trying to chew rubber bands.

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            I'm skeptical (no insult intended; that's just the way I am!) Have you ever compared Cain's to Helman's or any other brand in a BLIND taste test?

            1. re: Blumie

              I would be surprised if you COULDN'T tell the difference! Cain's uses cider vinegar, which imparts a very different flavor than Hellman's. I can tell the difference in a heartbeat......

          2. I have to throw in a vote for the Barking Crab. I've been to Tony's & the Clam Box recently, and then the Crab, and noticed that many of the prices overlap -- $17 for a broiled entree, $13 for a fried platter or sandwich. The Crab has a great beer selection. The bucket appetizers are fun to share. The location is great for tourists -- you can walk along the Harborwalk to the ICA or to Quincy Market, or just sit and ogle the harbor. Wollaston's prettier, I suppose. But the Crab's got music, family-friendly chaos, and did I mention the better beer? It's a big hit with my guests. Lately, I like it because it's not fry-o-centric.

            1. Just to pipe in here and say that Revere is Not on Cape Ann. It's 2 towns north of Boston.
              Charlestown, Chelsea, Revere. And, Kelly's is right on the beach.....

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                I know that Revere in not on Cape Ann :)

                My original statement was "I know there is Kelly's in Revere which is in our price range but do you have any other recommendations that are in the area without having to drive all the way to Cape Ann?"

                I was asking for other recommendations than Kelly's which is in Revere but not recs in Cape Ann like so many seem to be when discussing this topic here.