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Jun 9, 2009 07:45 AM

Anniversary Dinner on a budget in Miami

We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary and are on a budget. We want to try something new. We love Buena Vista Bistro in Wynwood, but want something different. Is there anything else in the Miami area that is like Buena Vista Bistro? We like the intimate, kind of quirky setting of BVB. It doesn't have to be the same kind of cuisine, just something that we have not tried before and is on the economical side. To give you an idea, I'm thinking $30/pp (without drinks). Thanks!

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  1. If you played the menu right, you could probably do Sardinia for around $30/pp. Indomania is another intimate option that won't set you back too much.

    1. Red Light on Biscayne Blvd.
      Joey's Wynwood (though I've only had the pizza).

      Red Light
      7700 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

      2506 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

      1. I second Red Light and would consider Creek 28

        Petit Rouge in North Miami may work too. I have not made it over yet but I received a good report from a reliable source recently.

        I've also heard positive reports about Bocca also in N Miami.

        Has anyone been to Petit Rouge or Bocca yet?

        1. Red Light! Great food, funky, close to Buena Vista and in your budget! BVB and Red Light are two of our faves...they have a really cool vibe to them. Joey's is also a good choice, although I have never been incredibly impressed. A bit more romantic and less funky in decor, but it can get super loud if you sit inside. Food is completely different though, Joey's is Italian...

          1. Well, we ended up going to Buena Vista Bistro anyways. I didn't realize it was Gallery Night in the DD and did not make reservations at Joey's. After trying to figure out who actually worked there, the ultra snobby hostess informed me, without even looking at me, that there would be nothing available until 10:00 pm. So....we decided to go with what has never failed us.

            Crab cake appetizer - pretty good, but for some reason the salad that came with it was REALLY good.

            Lamb Chops - cooked to perfection (medium, still pink and juicy inside), served with fresh mashed potatoes and ratatouille. Delicious and a bargain at $15 for 4 chops.

            Seared scallops - also served with mash and ratatouille and dressed with a pesto sauce. also delicious.

            Creme Brulee - average, nothing to write home about. But can you really complain when its $4?

            The service is great. The owner really tries to accomodate you and is very friendly and outgoing. Our food took a little bit long to come out, so he re-filled my glass of wine and comped our sparkling water. This place is so great!

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              We had dinner at Petit Rouge last night and it was quite good.My salad was crisp and fresh, and the salmon was cooked just as ordered. I don't think you can eat for $30.00 pp there. We have been there a good number of times and we have always enjoyed our dinners.