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Jun 9, 2009 07:34 AM

Dallas lunch near Stoneleigh

Good morning Texans...

I'm coming to Dallas this weekend for a wedding and looking for a couple of good lunch recs near the Stoneleigh hotel (that's where the wedding is...) Looking for Tex-Mex and anything else that's "can't miss!"


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  1. The closest TexMex that's recommended is probably Mattitos. A short cab ride will get you to Avila's.

    The Stoneleigh P is directly across the street, good burgers. Don't ask for ketchup.

    1. For excellent Tex-Mex, take the cab to Avila's on Maple Avenue. Be sure to have the brisket tacos. Closer to the Stoneliegh, there's, Mia's on Lemmon Avenue. A true Dallas Tex-Mex institution.

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        Herrera's is a Dallas institution, and also located on Maple Avenue. Although its original location burned some years ago, they have a larger location across the street. As far as I know the only Dallas restaurant ever featured in National Geographic. No naked natives there, but damned good tacos and enchiladas. Try the Jimi Special for a nice sampling, can't be more than 7 or 8 bucks.

      2. For a non-Tex-Mex suggestion very close to your hotel, I'd recommend Trulucks. Great rat-pack type atmosphere, decent steak and seafood (excellent crab). It's a great place for Sunday brunch. I've not had lunch there, but have had many dinners and brunches. Dinners are on the pricey side, but reasonable for brunch and lunch.

        It's not especially Chow-ish, but very enjoyable if atmosphere and location matter, and you enjoy traditional steak and seafood fare with a few modern twists thrown in. They have a wrap around patio as well and excellent service.

        It's right down the street at Maple and McKinney.

        1. Re: Truluck's. The "official" Florida stone crab season ended on May 15th. I'm not sure where they get their crabs "out of season" But, wherever they get them, if you go there, make sure you have a high limit on your credit card.