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Jun 9, 2009 07:19 AM

Best? Area 31, Gotham Steak, Joey's, Sra. Martinez, and Meat Market


MNTimes Best of Miami comes out tomorrow and these are the Best New Restos in town per the free weekly. Wondering what your thoughts are on the matter of Best New Resto and please note their direct challenge to Chowhounders in the June 9 Short Order blog about their BESTs being bought?

Q: What would you consider the BEST new restaurant in Miami?


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  1. Joey's , really? I thought it was just a neighborhood pizza joint?!

    My vote goes to Meat Market.

    1. I can see Joey's getting a nod just because it's more than a restaurant in that it's pioneering into a neglected neighborhood (a la News Cafe, Soyka, etc.). I agree, I like Meat Market too.

      As for begin bought, I'd like to think the "Best of"s are done entirely in a vaccuum, but if you want a free good rap on their blog, it comes real cheap:

      1. Aren't they all hyped restaurants (even if they're deserving of the hype?) None are "under-the-radar" - I thought the New Times would cast a light on something that hasn't been talked about.

        Maybe Zucchero in Brickell?

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          I'd have picked barbu or au pied -- au pied probably opened too late to be in the running.