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Dublin Square Pub, Bordentown

Just wanted to let all you CHOW HOUNDS know about a new Irish Pub that has opened up In Bordentown. Can't say I have been there yet but it looks pretty cool and for those of you who are in search of authentic "Fish n Chips" this may just be your place! I have attached their website...check it out! We probably won't get there until next week but would love to hear about it if anyone gives it a try... http://www.dublinsquarepubs.com/

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  1. Nice, clean place. Had lunch with a bunch of people, and though the menu included some interesting Asian- and Latin-Irish fusion dishes, we stuck to more basic/traditional fare. The soup of the day was really good (a tomato-cheese "panini" soup) and the black and bleu burger was great. Someone else got their "boxty" and it was the best of all the meals we ordered. The bangers and champ was great too.

    1. We went there with a group of 7 for lunch yesterday. I had the Chicken Pesto sandwich. It was pretty good, although a little heavy on the goat cheese. Everybody else enjoyed their meal. There were some pretty interesting apps. on the menu.

      My guiness was a perfect pour and quite tasty.

      1. Yesterday, my wife, son, and I had lunch at the Dublin Square Pub.

        My son and I both had the corned beef sandwich. It was served with an apple-onion relish, horseradish mayonnaise, and Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. There was a choice of sides and we both had French fries. The sandwiches were excellent. The corned beef was tender, tasty, and lean. The fries were steak cut and also very good.

        My wife had the fish and chips and said that it might have been the best she’d ever had. The fish was two thick pieces of Atlantic cod in a light beer batter that was neither greasy nor heavy. The fries were the same as those served with the sandwiches and just as good.

        We all enjoyed the meal very much and definitely will be back. I think we’ll all be a little more adventurous on our next visit and try some of the more traditional Irish fare. The “Boxty” dishes look particularly appealing, as does the Shepherd’s Pie.

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          My husband and I ate at the Dublin Square Pub tonight, and tho the food was good...I have to say the service is quite hectic. It is a very busy place and I felt very harried there. So, expect that kind of atmosphere when you go.

          We tried 2 appetizers...the banger won tons and the Irish quesadilla. I wouldn't get the quesadilla again, as it was quite soggy and not at all crispy. It could have used a bit of grilling or something. Inside was Irish bacon, which closely resembled Canadian bacon but fattier, and roasted red pepper strips and a very light amount of cheese.

          The Banger Won tons are really good....sausage inside a won ton and fried...how can you go wrong w/ that. It came with a spicy bbq type sauce.

          I had the corned beef & cabbage for my entree. I wouldn't order that again either. The corned beef was good but not really what I expect from an "Irish Pub"....lean, thin sliced and kind of bland. I guess I was looking for a more meatier, chunkier dish. There were a few boiled red potatoes, sliced carrots and, of course, the hunk o' cabbage on the plate as well. On top of all this was what they called a horseradish cream sauce, but to me it was just a bland cream sauce and had ZERO horseradishy zip to it. I suggest if you want to order this dish, ask for the cream sauce on the side. I generally wouldn't want a cream sauce on my corned beef.

          My husband got the shepherd's pie and I tried it. It was very good, but not excellent.

          The iced tea here is very good! Does not taste one bit fake...tastes like real tea.

          I would definitely return to the Dublin Square Pub and give it another try. There were a few more items on the menu I would like to have, I just hope they aren't as disappointing as the one I had tonight.


        2. My husband and I ate here last week. There were a lot of people getting meals, lots of families, it's not just about the bar. The service was a bit spotty because they were crowded. Sat wit menus waiting for waitress to take order, another waitress took our order since she saw us sitting, then "our" waitress came by 2 minutes later to take our order. Plenty of people working, so you can flag someone down for a water refill, that kind of thing.
          We started with the onion haystacks, which were delicious. Very sweet onions, cut thin, battered/fried in "clumps" and served witha spicy dipping sauce. A bit greasy, but good bar food. We both had "boxty" meals, he had irish stew and I had salmon with a creamy mustard dill sauce. The potato pancakes are more like hearty crepes folded over the filling. It was very tasty, I had plenty of nice sized chunks of salmon in mine. The side was snow and snap peas with carrots. Interestingly, they seemed to use fresh veg, a nice touch...except they didn't cut off the "strings" on the beans, making them a bit "fibrous" to eat (I'm in the minority of people who would want to eat their veggies...).

          1. We frequent Dublin quite often, and it is now our go to place in town for drinks. The food will not blow your socks off, but it is damn good for an Irish pub! I've had the corned beef sandwhich quite a few times, as well as the shepherd's pie and fish and chips. Never a bad meal, and the place is always fun. Wednesday is trivia night too, and it's a blast.

            Love the decor in the place, and it looks very authentic. Always good, live Irish music as well on the weekends! All in all, a great new venue in Bordentown that we are happy to have! -mJ

            1. How far past Mastoris diner is this place? I never drive that way, and I know nothing around. I have a friend outside of Philly who tells me it is a 1/2 way point for me and her. Just curious.

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                It's on the opposite side of Route 130 from Mastori's, maybe a block South...right next to the Towne and Country Diner. Very close to Mastori's, and definitely worth checking out! They did a great job on the place, and it looks great both inside and out! -mJ

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                    Anytime! That is how we roll in Bordentown! Note: Dubling also has a Facebook page where they put up some fun info. -mJ

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                  If you go north on 130, it is before Mastori's. Going south, you would just pass Mastori's and have to jug-handle left to go north on 130. Going north you cannot miss this place. It
                  has white lights on it and the parking lot is packed. Oh, and it's mostly green *g*

                2. Stopped in here Friday night for fish and chips in the spirit of Lent. Fish was great, but the fries were a bit cold, soggy, and left something to be desired. Regardless, the fish and black and tan's made up for it! Still some of the better fish and chips around. Quick review on my blog. -mJ

                  1. A group of us went last night for the first time. I can't believe I never knew about this place, but it is kinda new. I loved every minute there! The atmosphere is themed in
                    that it incorporates one building that provides many different services to the local Irish village folks, plus is a publican house too. The food was amazingly good. Everyone
                    raved about their dish, but mine was by far the best, the Chicken Boxty. Light as air small potato pancakes stuffed with juicy chunks of all-white meat, large fresh mushrooms in a creamy Irish whiskey sauce. Oh man, it was the best boxty I ever had! The Black and Blue burger was outstanding, fish sandwhich, thick and meaty. Prices are very, very reasonable and so are the drinks! I think they could offer more beers and ales on tap.
                    Owner Michael was very friendly and worked just as hard as his servers. His handsome Irish eyes were always smiling! Live music on Friday and Saturday nights begin at 10:30 pm. I'd like to see that moved up to 10 pm. Saturday nights get very crowded, so if you are with allot of family or not in the mood for bumping shoulders, come earlier than 9pm. I canna wait for my next visit! Slainte!

                    1. Well, I made it here last week, and I should have just kept this place on the way back of my list. In short, only go here if you want to drink, NOT for food. Unless you are simply looking for a burger. I should have looked at the menu before I went.

                      We brought my parents here, thinking it would be something they would enjoy. Out of 4 of us, 3 sa absolutely NOTHING on the menu that looked good, so we had sandwiches/burger. My father had a steak that was mostly all grizzle. I thought for $ 24.00 they would at least throw the guy a piece of bread with his dinner, but NO, you have to pay $ 3.00 EXTRA if you want a piece of bread.

                      My father did not care a salad did not come with it, but he was disappointed when that small steak came out, full of grizzle. Gross. It looked like the plate was to be served in prison. The mashed potatoes were dropped on the plate, and the vegetables all over. No presentation whatsoever. It was like slop on a plate! Then, the dish was swimming in soup. Some kind of guiness sauce, maybe?? I have no clue. Did not look appetizing. I know you don't go here for presentation, but it looked like my 7 year old nephew plated this dish.

                      My chicken sand. was as boring as it gets. No flavor on this bad boy either, and it should be called chicken tenderlion sandwich because the pices of chicken used was super small. I wanted to a sald with it instead of fries, and they gave me a HUGE plate of greens straight out of the bag. I thought I was going to feed a rabit with all that lettuce. Nothing else in the salad, just greens from a bag. Also, the goat cheese on the sand. had a strange flavor. Not very tasty.

                      At this point, why should I bother with the other dishes.

                      I would never venture here again. The place is very nice looking, and friendly staff, but it all ends there. Food was horrible. They have been there for 1 year now, so I assume people in the area like it, but it is not for me. :( yuck!

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                        I ate there a week or two back - had one of the Boxty dishes - and enjoyed it . My friends all enjoyed their meals too . I'll go back .

                        BTW the only complaint I heard was the mixed drink prices were high .