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Jun 9, 2009 06:42 AM

Inside Fenway Park

Is there anything decent to eat inside Fenway?

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  1. The new Kayem dogs are good, I hear. They replaced the Fenway Frank.

    1. The Kettle Corn is a great snack, located under the bleacher/RF section.

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        Agreed, the Kettle Corn is great. I have found the Kettle Corn by Gate E (3rd Base / Landsdowne entrance) to be much more consistent in quality this year. I got two bad batches from the RF/bleacher location (one badly burnt and the other the sugar wasn't properly melted/integrated). Hopefully those were early season jitters, but the Gate E location has been good all season, not to mention having no line vs the long waits in the other location.

        I for one don't see a huge improvement over the old franks. I still pass them up for a sausage on the outside.

      2. I am going to Fenway in a few weeks and our tickets include access to the EMC club. Has anyone eaten at the restaurant there. Any suggestions on what some of the better dishes are or what to stay away from? Thx.

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          The lobster roll in the EMC club isn't half bad (for ballpark food). You can get a Fenway Frank up there as well, but it comes in a plastic box with chips as well which justify the extra special markup. It goes without saying that everything up there is a complete gouge price wise. I haven't tried the complete sit down dinner inside and thus haven't sampled some of the higher end entrees. However, if you drink cocktails, the bartenders seem to feel bad about the drink prices and pour extremely stiff drinks which was a welcome surprise.

        2. I sit in the grandstand, and I think between the new Fenway Frank and the kettle corn, you've got the two best foods available inside the park to us hoi-polloi, though Luis Tiante's Cuban sandwich ain't bad.

          I've been a guest in a corporate box now and again, and the provisions depend on what the host chooses to order. The last one I was in featured Hebrew National franks instead of Kayem dogs, a big step down (but kosher). I wasn't complaining, between the free beer, private bathroom, and ability to track other sporting events (Bruins playoff game) on the plasma indoors between innings.

          I've never breathed the rarified air of the EMC Club, but this article, though three years old, should give you a flavor. Sounds pricey: Lobster bisque and sesame-crusted tuna in tomato/ginger sauce at the ballpark? Very swish.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            On a chilly night, I'm still a fan of Legal's Clam Chowder in the park.
            Also, gotta get some outside of the park roasted peanuts before you head in (even if the man yelling "Peanuts!!!..... Pistachios!!!!..... Cashews!!!!..... Hot Pretzels!!!!" in his inimitable voice is no longer there.

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              Ahh we all miss George the Peanut man....I wonder how his health is?

            2. re: MC Slim JB

              Hebrew National just doesn't do it for me. According to Speed they went down hill since they started to be produced in Indianapolis instead of New York. He blames it on the water.

            3. Grab a sausage from the Sausage Guy outside on Landsdowne St. across from the back of the wall.

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              1. re: chuck s

                Better yet, grab a sausage from Dr. Pepper's stand and get him to slather it with his homemade Inner Beauty ....