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Jun 9, 2009 06:29 AM

Help me name my food blog

I need your ideas on naming my food blog please!

The idea of a food blog came about when my daughter moved to Chicago. She called saying there were several family favorites that she truly missed. I began to think that a food blog would be a good way to share family recipes and the stories that surround them so she could have a little hug from home anytime she wanted one.

Louisiana native, Memphis living, restaurant lover who is always looking for that quaint, unique, original restaurant to visit over and over, passionate about swapping old family recipes, believes that family recipes and the stories that surround them are a great way to remember traditions that bond families.

Please help!

(aka Yia Yia - my grandmother name)

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  1. You said it: "Hug from Home Recipes & Stories"

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      Thanks Sam! Why didn't I think of that?

    2. Louisiana Grandma

      Remoulade & Marmalade (if you hate remoulade or marmalade, you can skip)

      Remoulade & Recollections

      Bayou & Me (OK, I know not everyone from Louisiana lived on the bayou, but just in case)

      Yia Yia's Kitchen Collaboration (or Conversations)

      Madly Adley (if that's your maiden name)

      1. In search of the holy grill


        get yer yia-yias out.

        She loves you, yia ,yia, yia.

        Patti Cakes or Pat-A-Cake


        A word to the why's

        Quest and Essay

        A Quaint Dance

        Bread, Bred and Read

        1. Home-cooking is where the heart is

          1. To stick with your own words....... I'm thinking "little hug from home" would be good and short enough to remember. If you feel you need a food-related word in the name, you could use 'Comfort food from home' or ' food hug from home'............. or something like that.