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Jun 9, 2009 06:28 AM

Dinner with friends on upper west side

Two friends and I used to have dinner together occasionally at the City Grill (Columbus, nr. 72 St.), but lately their menu has shrunk considerably and the food is not quite what is used to be. We're looking for a replacement: not expensive (i.e. about $20. p.p.), decent American food or ethnic is fine (if not too spicy). One of us is a vegetarian, so veggie-friendly. We want a place where we can sit and talk, and not feel rushed. And in the same general area.
Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. West Branch on Bway/77th or Kefi (greek food).

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    1. re: haa

      Highly second Kefi - there are lots of options for vegetarians, and the vibe is very fun. I always over-order as so many things appeal. Ask for wine recs if not familiar with Greek wines - never been disappointed. Wish there was a place like this in SF!

      1. re: haa

        Definitely Kefi. Not sure there is a lot ofveggie options at West Branch. I was just there and didn't see a good variety there.

      2. Earthen Oven isn't terribly spicy to my palate, but if you want to play it safe, Café Ronda is my favorite casual spot in the immediate vicinity. Kefi, otherwise, is a great choice.

        1. la vela is good for italian.

          1. i love Cafe Ronda...i dislike Kefi

            1. Kefi is my favorite!!! Bistro Cassis -
              (212) 579-3966 - 225 Columbus Ave, is also great( fish is awesome)

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                Kefi was great at the old location. Went to new place once and am not going back.
                Maybe it was just a bad day but....