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Jun 9, 2009 05:56 AM

Sanyo rice cookers

Has anyone seen Sanyo rice cookers in the GTA besides at T&T?

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  1. Hey there... don't know about Sanyo specifically but last time I went to Ozawa imports they had a great selection of rice cookers that they really recommend. I got mine there and it was a panasonic. 6 years later it still looks new and works perfectly...

    Ozawa Canada
    135 E Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

    1. i bought my sanyo rice cooker at Pacific Mall.

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      1. re: helen0505

        Which model did you get? I'm looking at the HC55S. The Sanyo cookers get great reviews in general and are much cheaper than the Zojirushi ones. How is yours so far?

        1. re: sbug206

          i cant remember the model # but based on an search, mine looks like ECJ-D55S.

          i bought it because of the great reviews but i do find that it takes longer to make rice compared to my previous rice cooker (which was a tiger brand one.) i think it takes about an hour for regular setting and at least 45 minutes for the "quick" mode. i believe my mom has a zojirushi one and it takes like 30 minutes to make rice. i could be wrong though!

          thats really my only complaint. otherwise, its great!

      2. They've faded relative to Panasonic/National and Zojirushi. Some people get upset about Chinese-assembled Zojirushi products but the components are Japanese-made; the hi-end Zojirushi stuff is Japanese-made and pricey. Above all, avoid the offbrand models or stuff made by unlikely brands like Black and Decker or Oster, etc--usually pure schlock.

        1. we bought top of the line Zojirushi stainless steel rice cooker 6 months ago and it just stopped working one day for no reason. Having had a National for 10years and never an issue it was shocking to pay $400 and get this kind of quality, Japanese assembled or not!

          It is also a pain trying to get it fixed - the only service place was a shop in Market Village and it took forever to get a reply from them, let alone for the repair. We were probably partly to blame as well, since we had a similar experience with a Zojiroshi water kettle. So the lesson is - don't buy any Zojiroshi, at least there won't be a third time for us!

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          1. re: Royaljelly

            My experience has been just the opposite with Zojirushi products over about a decade. Rice cookers have been bomb-proof, whether simple "old-school" types or moon-shot "Neuro Fuzzy" models. Same goes for their killer coffee maker. The only failures I've ever heard of resulted from impact damage during house moving or dives to kitchen floors. Zojirushi does recommend a regular shot of their cleaning compound for its hot water dispensers. As they say--YMMV...Mine obviously did.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              What kind of functions do you get with all these fancy cookers? I've only ever had a regular cheapo rice cooker.

              1. re: szw

                Mine had a timer delay, a "quick cook" setting, and an okayu (porridge) setting. There are others that have settings for different kinds of rice (sweet, brown, mixed, etc).

                1. re: szw

                  I haven't explored all the fancy options yet, but it seems to cook more varieties of grain other than plain white rice. Thought I saw wheat germs as an option but I have only just used it to cook my mixed white and brown rice since that is my staple nowadays. I prefer short grain and chewy texture and have to say it is perfectly cooked to my taste.

                  I think the point I was trying to make is that if the warranty doesn't promise a quick and convenient repair it is pointless to invest this kind of money on something you use everyday.

            2. I'm in the asian malls and I see the fancy Japanese cookers and as much as I'd like to decorate my kitchen with one, the 9-yo basic Sanyo is still going strong. It has two buttons -- depress one for cook, the other for keep warm. It's only a five cup and a pot is ready in about 15 minutes.