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Jun 9, 2009 05:38 AM

Indian in Verdun

So, wandering down Wellington the other day, I noticed a small Indian place called Chez Maggy. Doing a bit of Googling revealed almost nothing about the place (aside from the Yellow Pages page, which offered a very short menu), so I'm wondering if any Chowhounds have checked it out?

And, as a related question, is there any decent Indian food to be found, in general, in Verdun or thereabouts?


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  1. This place is one woman show,if you want authentic bengali food and simple place to eat, then this is it. I don't think there is any other bengali restaurant in the city.I go there almost every week.All the food is cooked by this bengali woman, she does everything that's why the menu is small.The place is clean
    and cheap.under 10 dollars you can eat enough food and bring home the leftovers.
    Check it out.

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    1. re: tonima101

      Can you give examples of the menu items? What bengali dishes specifically?

      1. re: hungryann

        Well they have chicken curry dish which is around 5.95. I think, it comes with salad, rice, daal,cauliflower bhaji and parata. They also have beef curry,beef bindaloo bit spicey. Coriander sauce with somosa is simply mouthwatering.I tried shrimp curry, it was good.The reason I like this place it is simple not pretentious, clean, plenty of food. Menu is small because the owner is the cook, waitress and everything else.She has help now and then.Most of the time when i go there she does it all.

      2. re: tonima101

        on a diff. note

        i have to say that a lot of Indian restos in Montreal have owners from Bangladesh, or have bengali cooks, hence quite a bit of bengali influence in cooking.

        May not be typically bengali dishes all the time but the style of cooking is quite bengali style.

        ( in hindi(india) : its called vindaloo; in bengali(india or bangladesh) its called bindaloo

      3. Humm... Honestly, I tried this place once and this is the worst restaurant I've ever been... I tasted the chicken curry and the sauce was like separated (Full of oil on the top and the ''sauce'' at the bottom). I was not impressed at all. I ate the dish anyway, but I will not return. And by the way, I'm not a difficult person usually...

        1. I had given up on indian in verdun.Some of the stuff we tried was DISGUSTING. My husband the wastewater researcher who is never grossed out by food that has gone bad actually let me throw out the last indian meal we bought here. In my 10 years of knowing this man, i have never thrown out food in front of him because no matter how bad it is, he will eat it.

          Having said that, i am going to try one last place if i ever gather the courage: Mirchi at the old port delivers in verdun ( and i am hoping their food will not suck. If anyone has tried them, please let me know if their food is edible. Here's their # (514)-282-0123.

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          1. re: hala

            i've been there a few months ago with my team for lunch. It was actually pretty good, granted it was quite expensive, but I really enjoyed the food (the vindaloo chicken was actually quite spicy and the naan bread were hot and fluffy). My indian coworker also enjoyed it and she's a harsh critic when it comes to indian cuisine.

            1. re: hala

              Which restaurant did you buy the garbage meal at? So that I know to avoid it...

            2. New Dehli is THE Verdun Indian restaurant...please try...madras( lamb,chicken), Bhoona lamb, vindaloo chicken...mmmm. Nan, awesome cheers.

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              1. re: verdunbutcher

                @ Chez Maggy the tuna buns are amazing, a bit spicy, very good, onl $1.50 each. Samosa are good too, only $1.00. The rest of the menu is ok, a bit tasteless but you get a lot for your $, its not expensive. Try the lentil soup once and it was horrible, i put it in the garbage. But i always go back for the tuna buns. The owner is very nice .

                @ New Dehli i went once while they were still under the pizzeria sign but they were doing indian at the same time, the indian food was quite good but a bit expensive, afterwards i heard they dont cook anything themselves, its can food that they reheat, not sure if this is true or not.

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