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Jun 9, 2009 04:12 AM

ISO simple, booze-free escargot recipe

I'm a 3rd grade teacher, and one of the boys in my class is researching and writing an informational book about snails. He is fascinated by the idea that people eat snails and has been asking for a recipe to include in his book. I mentioned that they are cooked in garlic and butter, but all of the recipes that I'm finding also contain wine or brandy. Does anybody have a good recipe that won't lead to me losing my job for encouraging a 9-year-old to cook with booze?

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  1. here's a recipe, but just leave out the little bit of booze:

    this link has lots of beautiful recipes for snails (with appetizing photos!) from different sources, and interesting background about snails as food:

    edit: i just thought of my easy microwave garlicky tomatoes recipe; use it! no booze, just pop in some snails. drizzle on the garlicky oil, then add the snails, drizzle again, then proceed with doing the layers of panko, pec rom cheese, garlicky oil, etc.

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      Thanks alk! I showed him a couple of recipes from the second site. He said "eww gross" at the pictures, but, given that he's a 3rd grade boy, I think that was a compliment.

      1. re: savina

        that's funny, savina!

        you know, i wonder how people DID begin to want to eat snails? i think i'd have thought of them like slugs (definitely "eeew") if i saw them in the garden.

        of course, when i ate them with the traditional garlic butter combo, with the crusty french bread, i would never ever associate them with slugs. and some of those other recipes look awesome (like the anchovy one, or the one with spinach...)

        maybe my micro recipe might be good after all for this purpose, because it's not saucy, with the snails "swimming" in "goo" (thinkin' like a third grader, here!). ;-).