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Jun 9, 2009 12:19 AM

3 days in NY without kids, where to go?

We will be visiting my in-laws (who live in New City/Nyack area) in July and have three days to ourselves! Usually, we go into Manhattan, but we would like to do something different this time. We are from Portland, Oregon and love hiking, kayaking, good food and great wine. I have researched posts for three regions and have found great restaurant recommendations, but would really appreciate Chowhounders input on the best overall destination:

Option 1: Stay in Hillsdale and travel around the Berkshires region, eat a lot in Great Barrington, hike a little, possibly picnic and enjoy a Tanglewood performance. Would the area be too congested because of Tanglewood?

Option 2: Stay in Kingston, tour a few wineries, walk around town, do a kayaking trip, take hikes? Lots of great restaurants found in previous posts in Kingston, Woodstock, Rhinebeck and New Paltz.

Option 3: Stay in Roxbury (Catskills). Doesn't seem to have as many rave restaurant reviews, but seems like a quieter base for hiking and enjoying nature/small towns.

We want to be less than three hours from my in-laws and these seem to be our best options. If I missed the best destination (outside of NYC) please let me know.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. If you stay in Hillsdale there are 2 restaurants - John Andrews in Egremont and Aubergine in Hillsdale. We go to the Berkshires every summer and it is not congested at all. In Lee there is a restaurant called Ches Nous that is fabulous.

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      Great Barrington has a Greek restaurant, Aegean Breeze. I have not been yet but read a good report on this Board. We went to their other restaurant, Aegean Cove, in Astoria this weekend.

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        Aubergine is closed and has been for a long time. I used to live just up the hill from that place for many years (used to know the place when it was called L'Hostellerie Bressane). John Andrews: not a big fan, although I haven't eaten there in 5 years. My fave is the Old Mill in South Egremont though, always had great food there.

        You must have breakfast at Martins' in GB at the top of Railroad Street. Go to Guido's in GB as well, if just to buy some snacks. Stop in at the GB Bagel Co as well and say hi to Marvin the Bagel Man for me.

        Lodging? I stayed at a B&B in Lee that was great but $$$. Wish my in-laws still had their place in Hillsdale though...

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          Thanks, BAFU. I have not been to John Andrews in a few years, as we have been stayng in Williamstown and it's a bit far. Food was always great,though.

      2. you can get lots of those by option 2, but there are no great wines. if you like dessert wines, however, go baldwin vineyards (pine bush), which is near new paltz.

        my gut says also don't stay in kingston, but you might want to stay at a b&b (north or west of new paltz?) and the catskills aren't far from either place.

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          if you do option #2, i would recommend that you stay in rhinebeck instead. it's a very quaint walkable town.

        2. Thank you all for the great suggestions! Which is the must SEE area? Still not sure which is the best place to base ourselves, but I am leaning torwards the Berkshires after reading the posts.

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            Berkshires are beautiful and offer a lot more in the way of lodging and dining options. Rhinebeck is very cute but I am very partial to the Lee/Lenox area.

          2. One word of caution. Do NOT break the speed limit while driving in Hillsdale. The police there are NOTORIOUS for giving speeding tickets, especially on the weekends. Good luck.

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              Also beware the 25MPH limit in the town of S Egremont...they really mean 25. I got a ticket for doing 30 once.

              If you do decide to stay in the Berkshires dplawner, see if you can score tickets to a Tanglewood concert. You could have a picnic on the lawn beforehand, then some nice relaxing music to follow. Dessert at SoCo Creamery in GB for some great local ice cream!

              1. If you end up in the Berkshires, we've always saved Bistro Zinc in Lenox for a lunch stop. A great little place to enjoy lunch and a glass of wine. Note: I haven't been in a couple of years so I hope it's still as good as I remember.

                Bistro Zinc
                Lenox, MA, Lenox, MA