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Jun 8, 2009 11:23 PM

german grocery stores or groceries that sell german food in dallas?

i'm looking for a german grocery or a grocery that has a german section in the dallas/plano area. i am specifically looking for Knödel. does anyone know if central market sells this?


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  1. Try Kuby's in Snider Plaza

    1. Henk's European Deli & Black Forest Bakery (located just behind Half Price Books on Northwest Hwy) has a pretty nice selection of German groceries. Not sure about Knödel, but you could call and ask.

      1. Another option would be if you just want to mail order. If you want to go to a Deli then I would suggest Kuby's for a nice outing. Another option would be to run by the Polish Deli on Parker & Alma SE corner. While I don't no if they have Knödel as such they likely have the Polish equivalent.

        The other option which in my humble opinion is the best option is just make it from scratch. It's just not that hard to make all you really need is some bread, eggs, milk & onions as I remember. All the Austrian dumplings are just not that hard to make. I make Spaetzle on a very regular basis for instance.

        1. If you can't find a closer source, The German Deli has a "walk-in" store on the service road, southbound 121 between Hall-Johnson and Glade road next door to Sunflower Shoppe in Colleyville. From the north - Plano - take the Hall-Johnson exit (south of 114) and continue through that intersection.

          All of their perishable items are frozen - meats, breads, dumplings, etc.

          You can call them at 817-354-8101 to check on availability of a specific item.

          Even though their name includes the word "deli", the last time I was there, there was no "deli" as the name implies. It's more of a grocery/market which began as a world mail order provider. Their warehouse is in Southlake.

          1. You can get it at Kuby's, but I've also seen it at flagship Fiesta on Hampton and Central Market. Fiesta has an international section that sells a few German items and great Indian spices. I've seen Knodel there and some nice, sauerkraut. Fiesta's German products are really inexpensive compared to everywhere else, but they don't have as much of a selection as Kuby's (probably on par with CM). If you go to Kuby'y, you can pick up a bar of Milka Chocolate and some house made sausage.