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Arrive Boston Saturday 9 p.m. ... want to stop for takeout en route to lodgings

We're coming in to Logan @ 8:30 p.m., picking up our kit, and taxiing to digs at Hereford & Charles in the Back Bay. Would like to stop en route and pick up something yummy for the three of us that will survive the rest of the drive, schlepping luggage, looking for the housekey, etc.

It wouldn't hurt if there were a place nearby the food stop selling decent wine by the bottle at that hour, either. Or does that run afoul of some colorful local ordinance?

In sum: What's not a long way off track between Points A and B, can meet our discriminating culinary requirements (hot, tasty, won't agglutinate if covered for 15 minutes...), and is right next door to a cleverly stocked wine shop?

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  1. You may want to double-check your destination. Hereford St. and Charles St. don't actually intersect.

    Assuming you're going to Hereford St., nearby restaurants you could try include Kashmir (Indian) or Steve's Greek Cuisine on Newbury St., or Cactus Club for Mexican on Boylston St.. Along Mass Ave, there's Island Hopper (Asian?) and Bhindi Bazaar (Indian), or The Other Side Cafe (bar food w/veg options). There's at least one wine shop in that area (The Wine Cellar) and the Best Cellars on Boylston St. may be close by, but I have no idea how late those are open.

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      If I were you I would grab a Upper Crust Pizza (gourmet thin crust pizza) and salad on Newbury and stop buy Delucas Market (also on Newbury) for a bottle of wine...bring it home and you won't be disappointed!!!

    2. As Blink says, that location does not exist. But, since you said Back Bay we will assume you are somewhere on Hereford St., not Charles. Deluca's Market may be your answer. It is on Newbury St. at the corner of Fairfield which is a couple of blocks over from Hereford. They sell wine and prepared foods. I have not been in there for a very long time, so am not sure exactly what they have.

      As luck would have it there is also a Deluca's on Charles St. on Beacon Hill. So, if you are staying in that area it is still an option.

      1. This may or may not fit the convenience factor, but if you take a cab via the Ted Williams Tunnel, you can swing by Seiyo for sushi. Sushi is good and they actually have a wine store in the same facility. I call from the airport all the time and the sushi is always ready by the time I get there. You will however need to continue on in the cab.

        Seiyo: 1721 Washington St Boston, MA 02118 - (617) 447-2183

        1. your destination is a bit confusing, but since you say back bay, we're all assuming hereford st. is actually involved.

          you don't say what night of the week you are arriving, and an 8:30 landing could mean you're not actually out of the airport until 9:30, and on the other side of the tunnel til closer to 10:00. this might affect your options.

          the deluca's suggestion is a good one. there is also a shaw's supermarket right near there that sells wine and beer, plus has prepared foods to go.

          you could also consider getting to your destination, dropping everything off and taking a walk. there are places that serve decent food late in that (presumed) neighborhood.

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            Although I suggested it, Deluca's suggestion may not work unless it's a weekend when they close at 10 (still cutting it close).

          2. Given how difficult parking can be in much of Boston, I personally believe you are much better off NOT attempting to stop on the way to your hotel and rather checking in, dropping off your stuff, and heading out on foot somewhere nearby. As others have mentioned, where you head to really depends on whether you are closer to Hereford (Back Bay) or Charles (Beacon Hill), but in either case, parking will be much more difficult than just wandering on foot.


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              op mentioned a taxi -- so it's an issue of a ticking meter, not parking.

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                Missed the taxi reference. Sounds like my suggestion is still valid though. Good recs below.


            2. I apologize, everyone, for my whacked-out specification of a nonexistent intersection. We're actually heading for Hereford between Beacon and Marlborough (it says Public Alley 414 on this here map). I can imagine the headscratching I caused ... very sorry.

              I love love love the idea of just checking in and then heading out for a bite -- it's certainly the ideal way to go. We're not that nuts about takeout, believe me. But we've been worried that that somewhat remote-looking stretch of the Back Bay might not offer many options at 10 p.m. or later ... which is why we cooked up the taxi-takeout notion, since we're without auto. I haven't visited Boston in many years, but retain an impression of Commonwealth and environs as mostly residential out that way, but it sounds as though there are in fact a variety of options, including at least one Greek place ... which would appeal to us as Californians, since we don't exactly have that here.

              If we can walk to someplace open after 10 p.m. on Saturday, we'll be golden. I doubt we can make it to Deluca (sp?) by closing time, but it sounds like a great option for another meal. Thanks for your recs, offered in the face of conflicting info...

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                it's not at all remote. the "public alley" bit is for parking. you'll be easy walking distance to boylston, newbury st., and mass. ave. on a saturday, most places will serve at least til 11:00, some til 1:00.

                steve's, caffe jaffa, sonsie, capital grille, sel de la terre, abe & louie's, atlantic fish, chili duck, samurai, brasserie jo, haru, legal seafoods...

                some of these get mixed reviews on here, but they are all less than 10 minutes walking distance from where you'll be. after a long day of traveling, this might be a nice way to unwind, especially if the weather is nice -- lots of these places have patios.

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                  Great choices listed by hotoynoodle. I live nearby and will add a couple more.
                  Trident Booksellers & Cafe, 338 Newbury Street is open until midnight with a diner food menu and wide range of choices, like breakfast all day if one of you really wants pancakes!

                  Island Hopper on Massachusetts Ave (one block west of your location) is open until midnight on Saturdays. Pan Asian cusine and neighborhood favorite.

                  If you want late night bar menu with a view, the Top of the Hub serves until 1 Am. You could always have a nightcap there.

                  If good food is high on your want list that night, I've recommend Sel de la Terre on Boylston Street. They serve until 12:30. Here's a link to the late night menu.

                  Welcome to the neighborhood, hope you enjoy your time here.


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                    Great list. I'll add Sasso on Huntington Ave. They have a nice late-night menu and serve until one or so, and with a short cab ride would work for take-out or eat-in.

                    Sasso Restaurant
                    116 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

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                    Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square isn't that far away and has a late night menu until 1am on Sat. Great cocktails, nice indoor and outdoor space and good food.

                    Summer Shack is close too, if you want some steamers and beer.

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                      but for esk, if there is a sox game or an event at house of blues, the place will be a mad-house.