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Jun 8, 2009 09:48 PM

Craving bi bim bop near Studio City

Dont feel like driving all the way to koreatown for some bi bim bap. Anyone have any suggestions for places close to Studio City? Anything worth trying in North Hollywood? Thanks!!

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  1. There's Duk Su Jang on VN Blvd. and Sherman Way but frankly it's as far from Stud City as K-town and half as good.

    1. More of a kit than the sitdown in a resto sorta thing but... Farm Boy @ Hazeltine & Riverside has freshly prepared Bi Bim Bap w/ all the seasonings - you just add rice. Also a pretty good Chap Chae steaming on the counter and Bulgogi for sale in their refrigerator at the checkout stand.

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        Good recommendation for taking home and avoiding the restaurant scene if convenience/location matters are of primary importance. All 3 items mentioned are quite good, with the Chap Chae being exceptional, especially being made in a grocery store environment. But this is not your ordinary grocery store, you understand.