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Jun 8, 2009 09:40 PM

Best thing to do with leftover cooked chicken breast...

Hello everyone,

I recently had a baby and so many of my friends and relatives came by with casseroles, pies, and various foil-wrapped food items for me to keep in the freezer. One such relative brought a few bags of plain grilled chicken breast, which I know is useful for making quick easy meals, but I've never been in the habit of using it.

Does anyone have a favorite recipe that's quick & easy and doesn't involve a can of cream of whatever soup?

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  1. I like using left over chicken breast for:
    -chicken caesar salad
    -club sandwich
    -pad thai
    -tomato sauce and mozz on top with side of aglio olio pasta. BAM....

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      The question is really what can't you do with grilled chicken breast?

      I like to make huge one-dish meals in the summer that I can nosh on for a few days without heating up the kitchen such as pasta salad with chicken and lots of your favorite chopped vegetables. Great with a Thai-style peanut sauce dressing, or a creamy yogurt-herb dressing, or a simple balsamic vinaigrette.

      Also one of my favorite things to do with leftover chicken, especially if it was marinated, is a simple sandwich on good quality bread with butter on one side and mayo on the other, chicken and lettuce in the middle.

    2. I've been making filling for crepes with it lately. The crepes, I have discovered, are quite easy to make, and can be made ahead of time. You can also make the filling ahead of time, roll it up in the crepes, smear on some of the sauce (minus the chicken) and stick it in the oven when you are ready. Don't know if that sounds too complicated right now - but happy to provide the recipe for the filling.

      1. we'll have chicken enchiladas tonight--using leftovers from sunday dinner. funny to come across this question just now. i asked myself the same thing about 30 minutes ago and settled on red-sauce enchiladas. i think i'll infuse some oil with serranos to make a peppery/limey dressing for a small side salad.

        1. Tacos and fajitas are great but also, a chicken pie is a good way to use up lots of diced chicken breast. You can use phyllo or puff pastry and be creative with the rest of ingredients/sauces.

          Chicken kebabs served with tzatziki and pitta bread or even as a topping for pizza.

          1. my first thoughts were: quasadillas, your own pizzas (with even a white sauce instead of red) and my fav is an asian salad slaw with chicken or turkey. You could even jazz up a couscous salad or quinoa salad (even rice or orzo) with chicken too.

            best of luck with the baby - whatever you do, keep it simple so you have more time for baby. There are NO do-overs with kids. :-)

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            1. re: lexpatti

              Mmmm, yes, I am with you on the pizza idea. My favorite is chicken, spinach leaves, roasted whole garlic cloves, and pieces of bacon, all on top of a cream cheese spread instead of red sauce, and topped with fresh whole milk mazz. cheese. If you need any easy crust, boboli is great, or I saw a tip on Rachael Ray to buy your favorite dough from your favorite local pizza eatery. Yum!

              1. re: DishDelish

                YUM!! do you just use cream cheese as the base or an herbed cream cheese mix?

                1. re: lexpatti

                  Just the base, but I'm sure fresh herbs would make a tasty edition.

                2. re: DishDelish

                  BBQ chicken pizza: thinly slice or shred chicken, liberally douse with BBQ sauce (Stubs at our house) distribute on a prepared and partially baked pizza crust (yours or the market) top with shredded cheddar cheese, bake at 450 for 10-15 minutes. Just till slightly browned and nice and hot. Pickled jalapenos optional. A big hit on Sunday night with coleslaw and beer for football viewing at our house.Super easy. Much beloved.