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Jun 8, 2009 09:36 PM

Father's Day dinner at Channel Islands Harbor?

Has anyone had dinner at any of the seafood restaurants at the Channel Islands Harbor? I've have found some names via Google: Fisherman's House, and H.C. Seafood & Co., and The Lobster Trap, and The Whale's Tail. Would anyone recommend any of the places? What did you enjoy about them? Can you describe the atmosphere...casual? Formal? Fun? But most of all,,,how was the chow?

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    1. I have been both to The Whale's Tail and The Lobster Trap. While both are great location, the food is really just average. The Lobster Trap is slightly more formal and the The Whale's Tail has a sort of cheesy ship/salad bar thingy. I think Ventura Harbor has better food selections...I can't remember the name of the restuarant at the beginning of the harbor (not the mexican place) but it was pretty good with a nice view and patio dining. And for casual food...get a fish taco at Surf n Taco. Very cheap and good.

      1. Moqueca. Unique Brazilian cuisine from the state of Espiritu Santo. The fish or shrimp moquecas, the bobo de camarao(shrimp), or anything else.Nice ambience, perfect for Father's Day.