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Jun 8, 2009 09:24 PM

Rooftop bars with a tasteful crowd

In a perfect world, there would exist a rooftop terrace with modestly priced drinks, a stunning view and a happy hour clientele devoid of business-card-wielding power drinkers speaking at high volumes. I understand we do not live in this perfect world, but am asking you fellow chowhounders for places you know that may come near to what my friend has requested for her pre-birthday dinner cocktail hour.

A few places sprung to mind, usual suspects like 230 Fifth, Plunge and Bar 13. But I am sure there are some gems out there that I don't know about that meet some of her criteria. So let the fun begin...

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  1. Here are some threads that might help, including one recent one:

    1. I think the rooftop at Rare in Murray HIll is pretty decent. Not SO large like 230 fifth to be monstrous but large enough that you aren't smooshed up next to Mr. Suit guy

      1. a little less fancy, perfect pint...You can also get your own table on the roof with your ow tap!

        1. You can try Me Bar which is on the rooftop of the La Quinta hotel at 17 W. 32nd St. I haven't been this year, but on the couple of times I went last year, it was never crowded and was very lowkey.

          1. What about the roof at the top of the Giraffe Hotel? Also, not sure if the one at Petrossian restaurant is still there, but that was nice too.