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Jun 8, 2009 09:08 PM

Recommendation for resto near Pacific Mall?

We're planning a road trip, my DH, DD and I..... and are going to be stopping at the Pacific Mall to browse around.

Any recommendations for good asian places to eat in the vicinity?
a) Ideally, within 5 to 10 minutes drive of the mall;
b) Korean is great;
c) good Ramen would be better.

We would likely be stopping for an early dinner, at about 4 pm, before pushing onto Belleville / Kingston.

Thank you!

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  1. Only acceptable ramen in the city is at Kenzo, which is Yonge & Steeles area. If you want Korean, then you're looking at Yonge between Sheppard all the way up to John st. If you're looking for things around Pacific Mall, then you really should focus on Chinese only.

    There is a great vegetarian Chinese restaurant called Graceful Vegetarian in Market Village/Pac Mall. It's on the north western side of the outdoor mall. There is also Sun's Kitchen upstairs in pac mall offering hand pulled noodles. I've found their consistency to have varied of late.

    If you're willing to drive up to Hwy 7 & Kennnedy there is a great fish/shrimp soup noodle spot called Omega 3 in Peachtree plaza.

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    1. re: aser

      Thank you for the tip regarding Korean vs. Chinese in that area. We are driving in from Waterloo and while I'm very familiar with the Mississauga end of town, I've no idea what happens on the eastern side of Toronto!

      Ok. Will revise our expectations.

      The hand-pulled noodles sound fun, especially since I will be having my 5 year old with me... do you get to watch them throw the noodles?

      1. re: mcvixen

        Yup you get to watch, it's upstairs in the food court. You'll hear the distinctive WHACK of dough slamming/noodle pulling.

      2. re: aser

        There is a Kenzo in the Peachtree plaza

        1. re: Wil

          Do you have T and T where you are from?
          If not, I would recommend you drive to Warden and Steeles and visit the massive asian supermarket. You could definately go there to stock up on some interesting snacks/nibbles for your road trip.
          They have hot prepared foods/dim sum/sushi/baked goods and aisles of asian products.

          1. re: Wil

            Kenzo no longer there. Replace by a Korean restaurant - which I think has closed down as well. That unit is not a 'lucky' spot. Very fast turnover of restaurants.

        2. I should add: we are driving up on a Monday. Are those hand-thrown noodles available on Monday or would it likely be closed? Does anyone know?

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          1. re: mcvixen

            I would assume so, they seem to be open 7 days a week. Call if you want to be safe, the # is listed on the website.