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Jun 8, 2009 09:02 PM

Sacramento: Recs for restaurants with al fresco dining and vegetarian options?

We're new to Sacramento and will be hosting several guests, including two vegetarians, over a weekend. Assuming that the weather will be nice, we'd like to take them to restaurants that offer both pleasant outdoor seating and somewhat innovative but hearty vegetarian options (not just boring salads or grilled vegetable sandwiches). We would prefer to stay within 20 minutes by car of Land Park and need to stay on a budget (no more than $16 before tax/tip for entrees). The restaurants with only vegetarian fare that we're familiar with (Andy Nguyen's and Au Lac) have been disappointing but also do not offer al fresco dining. Recommendations?

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  1. tower cafe has al fresco- even tho on broadway it's still pretty nice and i've had really good vegetarian fare