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Jun 8, 2009 08:24 PM

Chez Maman

Chez Maman looks like a great place. Or is it places? It is not clear by their site if what seems to be two other Chez Maman locations are open or not. Anyone got the skinny? Any one better than the other? I hear Portrero Hills is the one with the raves, but what about the one listed on Union Street? Going to SFO on Wednesday. Hope someone can set me straight before I leave. Thanks.


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  1. >Anyone got the skinny?
    yes, you have to be skinny to go to the Potrero Hill one since you will most likely
    be allocated a linear foot of counter space.

    i think rave reviews, driving to PH etc would be excessive for CM.

    if you are meeting a friend in PH [i live in PH] and you want a place
    to get a non-fancy bite, it's reasonable. no dramatic misses nor any amazing
    meals there. i vagluely remember the shepherds pie/hachis parmentier
    was better than the quesedilla i once had.

    oh wait by "going to SFO on wed" you mean you are going to be in town
    for one day, not "i am leaving for the airport on wed" right?

    if you are in town for one day, CM is not where you want to go.

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    1. re: psb

      Thank you for the reply which I just read. Was in the city Wed for morning meetings and then flew back to Los Angeles by dinner time. Grabbed a cab and headed to CM for lunch. Quirky place. Food was quite good. Got to speak French for the afternoon break. Meetings resumed at 2:30. Home by 7:00. I'd go again, just to get out of the stuffy attitude of high-end, poor-return eateries.

      1. re: ddavino

        What places have you tried and disliked so? CM isn't at the top of most people's list in any category (although neither is it at the bottom), so perhaps there are more/better to suit you.

        1. re: ddavino

          >Grabbed a cab and headed to CM for lunch.
          given the cab fare, and no agenda in potrero, i personally think you could
          have done better ... specific advice depends on what part of town you were
          in for business. given that you're from LAX [sic], no point recommending say
          DEEM SUM.

          >Food was quite good. Got to speak French ...
          chacun à son goût