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Out of the ordinary foods...

I'm looking for some items in New Orleans that are usually a little harder to find in such as: Sea Urchin, Quail Eggs, Sweetbreads and Zucchini Blossoms. Please help!

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  1. sweetbreads can be found at Bayona I believe

    1. Sweetbreads are offered in most better rest.

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        My old stand-by Galatoire's has offered them for years..evevn when no one else did. I wonder if anyone locally has brought back skate? I have not seen it in New Orleans...New York re-discovered it some years back.

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            I am glad to hear that....how do they prepare it? The classic is buerre noir and it is very hard to beat that. I've seen it in town off-and-on for a long time but not as a regular item.

      2. Quail eggs are easy; go to an asian grocery store and you can buy 'em by the dozen. Asian Gourmet market in Kenner, Hong Kong market in Gretna, various other asian markets around town.

        Sea urchin: can't say that I've seen it outside of restaurants. Kanno in Fat City and Horinoya on Poydras both offer urchin at times.

        Zucchini blossoms: check the farmers' markets; sometimes WF has them (at absolutely ruinous prices)...dunno if any of the latin american markets springing up like weeds after a rain has them or not. I'll look around; maybe Union supermarket in Kenner?

        1. Saw both quail eggs and zucchini blossoms at the farmer's market on Broadway this morning. Not sure if those vendors are at the Saturday market.

          1. Bayona has always been known for their sweetbreads. Recently. I've had them at Brigsten's (very good) and MiLa (outstanding)

            1. We had several of these at Restaurant August:

              Quail eggs
              Squash Blossoms (OK, not exactly what you asked for, but similar)



              Restaurant August
              301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

              1. I bought just-picked zucchini blossoms at the Crescent City Farmer's Market last Sat. for $4 for a pt.container; there were 8 or 9 of them.
                Sweetbreads at all the above-mentioned restaurants, but I've also had them at Wolfe's (the one on Rampart & Dumaine, formerly Peristyle) several times, where they've been excellent, at Herbsaint, at Iris.

                1. Oh, I have to watch this thread. I'd like to know about some of these myself. Sweetbreads shouldn't be hard to find though. I can't speak for all the recs here (though I completely trust them), but I did have some very good sweetbreads at Le Crepe Nanou (Uptown near Kyoto and Creole Creamery).