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Jun 8, 2009 07:46 PM

Any authentic ethnic food in Boulder?

I'm not holding my breath, but wondering....

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  1. Er, can you be a little more specific? How do you define "authentic"? How do you define "ethnic"? Pretty notoriously vexed terms, those.

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      I guess I would say, are there any ethnic places (such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc) that are the way they would make it back home -- not Americanized, etc.

    2. Couple of Mexican joints, very authentic, Pupusas, north Broadway, good tacos, tortas
      chili rellenos. Tacoria Del Rey. Valmont between 29th and 30th. Very similar.
      China Gormet, if you can read chinese they have a secret menu, ask for it. I sure like the
      "chicken with bone in" two distinct finishes, one with basil, other with chili. Oui la la

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      1. re: paul balbin

        Great to know about China Gourmet, Paul, thanks.

        1. re: tatamagouche

          Let's get together there for lunch one day.
          Paul 303 258 3249

          1. re: paul balbin

            Sounds good! I can think of some other hounds who might be interested too—rlm, lotusseedpaste, charsiu, Claire, etc...we should post a sticky.

      2. In addition to those mentioned, I'd suggest Ghurka's in Gunbarrel (buffet at lunch; table service at dinner), which was true-to-the-old-country when they first opened; Sherpa's Adventurers Cafe for Nepalese food (not that I've been to Nepal, but those who have are pretty pleased) and Sushi Tora, the most grounded of the several downtown Boulder sushi-erias. And yes for getting together. China Gourmet hasn't had their secret., Chinese-only blue menu for quite some time -- unless they've reinstituted it. It has at various times re-appeared as "Traditional Dishes" or "Shanghai Menu" or similar. Much of the "authenticity" has been tamed down

        Sticky away, Tatamagouche.

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        1. re: ClaireWalter

          Oh, well, that changes things. But we should do another chowdown. We keep talking about that dinner at Heaven Star...

        2. Hell's Backbone Cafe is superb. Veggies, great cookbook. Interesting people. Worth a stop if you are doing a NPS itinerary. Boulder, UTAH.