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Jun 8, 2009 07:12 PM

SaWadDee Thai restaurant lunch report (Richmond)

SaWadDee, on San Pablo in Richmond, has a few older references here (sometimes misspelled SaWaDee). I was taken to lunch there today by someone who works in Richmond. I had the lunch special of Pad Himmapan ($6.98), described accurately as stir fried chicken with roasted chili, cashew nuts, and onions served with rice (brown rice available). I really liked it; the flavors sparkled like good Thai food should. We sat on the left side of the restaurant at conventional tables. On the right side is an attractive area where you sit on the floor with your feet in a sunken space, which would be very nice for dinner. The staff members were unfailingly gracious. I'd stop there again anytime I'm in the area and try other things.

SaWadDee Thai Restaurant
12200 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94805

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  1. Thanks for that Mick. I like finding Thai places that have the combination of a brown rice option and sparkling food! Will definitely try when I am in the area.

    1. My husband and I have been going to Sawaddee for many years. The owner and staff are always kind and welcoming. They have several great dishes - the mung sa virut, the panang salmon, and the calamari citrus are all outstanding - the calamari is nice and tender, perfectly cooked. They also have sticky rice! Not sweetened dessert sticky rice but lovely little packets of chewy rice to accompany your entree. Sooo delicious!