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Jersey Mike's Subs - Bev Hills

This place is opening this week and I want to know if anyone has been to any of the other locations. I am a fan of Bay Cities (no need for comments, just stating the fact) and would love a place that isn't so far away.


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  1. We ate at the one in Northridge. It's another version of Subway with service being slower.

      1. Just had a sandwich today at Two Boots in Echo Park. I had the Central Grocery, it is a sub with olive salad and meats. lettuce, tomato, cheese and garlic mayo, not even close to a muffelatta but a great sandwich on great bread, I will repeat.

        Two Boots
        1818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

        1. One opened up near my work in El Segundo. Had it twice last week and I love it. They carve the meat fresh right in front of you when you order. Their veggies are all fresh and most importantly, their bread is freshly baked and very soft. I will definitely make this one of my regular lunch spots. Most of their sandwiches are cold subs but they do have a few hot subs like philly cheesesteaks. Definitely check it out.

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            Look if I had to choose between Subway Quizno or Jersey Mikes I would choose Jersey Mikes hands down. It is not Bay Cities but it is not awful either. The Phillie cheese steak is decent for a fast food place. As I am across the street from the new location I am sure I will be eating there every now and again.

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              I dont like the chain myself. The one in Simi is awful. I tried it once and won't go back.

          2. I had a sandwich from one in Nashville and liked it enough to look for one out here, only to find that the nearest one was too far away. I'll definitely give Bev Hills a try. The one I tried before had fresh, non-dry meat and fresh and interesting toppings. I like Subway, like Quizno's less, just for reference.

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              My son in Nashville dotes on this place, for reasons I don't quite comprehend. I thought it was inferior even to Subway, and far worse than Nashville's own Sub Stop. He and others apparently disagree.

            2. There's one in Burbank near my office. The food is OK compared to Subway, Togo's or Quiznos but it's not at all as good as Bay Cities.

              I had them when I was working on Point Pleasant Beach as a teenager and it tastes like I remember it, which is to say acceptable, but now the employees do this awful fake NJ patter and it gets old.

              It is one of the rare places that can actually make an Italian sub, though, without mustard or mayonnaise. I like that now and then. The cheesesteak is wretched.

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                "It is one of the rare places that can actually make an Italian sub, though, without mustard or mayonnaise. I like that now and then"

                This is exactly how they make the torpedoes at A-1 Import Grocery in San Pedro, with a bit of vinegar, oil, and dash of oregano. They are fantastic and I don't have to drive far to enjoy

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  >> the employees do this awful fake NJ patter and it gets old

                  Speaking as a New Jerseyite, this sounds horribly embarrassing.... what exactly do they say? I wonder if they force the employees of franchises in New Jersey to do the patter as well... if they do, that would be the height of franchise pandering and stupidity... i.e. uniformity at all costs, even at the expense of authenticity.

                  Mr Taster

                  1. re: Mr Taster

                    It's this stupid "AYYYYYYYYYY!" and shouting the order and making a big deal of "Mike's Way" (the default sandwich option)... "AYYYYYYY, a large 11, Mike's way!" "Ayyy, I got it!" "Ayyyy, gabagool comin' through!"

                    So. Stupid.

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Oy vey

                      Incidentally, I drove past JM's new Beverly Hills location about 30 minutes ago.... a MASSIVE crowd of people outside waiting to get in, and the Subway up the street was all but deserted. Jersey Mike's has been off my radar for such a long time (since I left NJ 16 years ago) so I had no idea that the intervening franchise years made it so popular.

                      I wonder if the massive crowds are coming from a love for the place, or if they're giving out free sandwiches? Anyone know?

                      Mr Taster

                      1. re: Mr Taster

                        Went to the BH one recently. There was no "AYYY"ing at all. Just polite, reserved service. And I agree, while it's in the Subway/Quizno category, it's clearly a step above in quality. And price too, unfortunately.

                        The Italian sandwich I had was pretty damn good. With oil & vinegar and spices, just like the real deal back east. If only they had some decent bread, instead of that same soft Subway-style crap. Might as well be baked by Wonder.

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                          I've been to the El Segundo location a few times. While not as good as the subs from my hometown pizzeria in Central Jersey, these sandwiches were pretty good. IMO, closer to the taste of the "real thing" that I'm used to from home than Subway or Quiznos. No AYYYYing. Meat was good - not Bay Cities quality but not bad either. They were a little slow to make the sandwiches - that would be my only complaint.

                2. I've been to Jersey Mikes. Save your money. The comment from TChappy40 is spot on. It sounds great that they're slicing your meat to order... but, if you look at the blob of pressed meat they throw up on the slicer, you'll think twice about eating there. Honestly, I felt the quality of their meat was like the on-sale store brand meats at the supermarket that's half the price. And, I felt the sandwich had an unexpected greasy quality to it from the sheer volume of dressing they put on the shredded lettuce (I suppose you can ask for it without but then, what's the point?

                  Personally, I'd rather pick up some Boar's Head cold cuts at the local market and make my own deli sandwich and take it to work. However, if I'm pressed for time and want to eat healthier...for a fast food sub shack fix, I'd go to subway (because while the meats are also bland, I can pile it high with veggies) or togos. I want to love Quiznos but I don't feel they have much in the way of toppings.

                  Never been to Bay Cities because it's too far. However, next time I'm in the area, I'm going to try it.

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                    i havent been to jersey mikes in ca but in jersey ther are at least 5 better subs in a 10 mile radius with a deduction for the other ocean.

                    1. re: JimmyC

                      There is a Subway a mere block away!

                      Sounds like people aren't big fans, but I feel it's worth 1 try to see if they are wrong.

                    2. re: DrBruin

                      I'm the opposite. Just the chemically smell of Subway puts me right off. Same problem with Blimpie. I don't love "melted" sandwiches so Quiznos is not my thing, and Togo's meat is just... meh.

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        yeah, why in the hell does Subway's "fresh baked bread" smell like that, it smells like a congealed fart. melted sucks too, that;s why at least i get them without the cheese at quizno's.

                        yes, the local sub shoppes like bay cities, rinaldi's, defranko's, claro's, etc. are all better.

                        by the way, Ralph's subs in the same center as the Chuck e Cheese on Tustin is pretty darn good in the city of Orange as well as Signal Hill Grinders near Long Beach. Both serve classics, ie almost real hoagies and grinders.

                        1. re: kevin

                          I think Subway does the same thing Schlotzky's does - grossly over-yeast the dough so they'll have something to bake almost immediately. Back in my Lunch Bunch days I could not believe how many of my co-workers thought this was what fresh bread was supposed to be like.

                          1. re: Will Owen

                            You know Will, I think you may have nailed that awful subway smell. It's been a huge pet peeve of mine to see Subway (and their fans) tout their "fresh baked bread" without considering why the stores don't smell like a bakery.

                            Mr Taster

                    3. I am a Jersey Mikes fan. Spent summers in Point Pleasant - I am an East Coast submarine sandwich snob - if you think Quiznos or Subway has submarine sandwiches do not bother these people, I found them in Nashville, and then in Northridge, excellent at both. Can't wait to go to the one in Bev Hills, am petitioning for one to open in Hollywood.
                      They serve the real deal.

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                        There's one in Burbank, if that's closer to you. It's on First St. next to Baja Fresh and the In-N-Out, near the old Loehmanns and the old Virgin Megastore (both closed).

                      2. Not a fan myself...grew up in and lived in NJ all my life, and their sybs just don't exemplify a NJ sub to me. Not terrible, and certainly better than Quizno's, but nothing to write home to Jersey about.
                        Of course, give it a try...your results may very well vary!

                        1. Not a fan. if you are a vegetarian/want a veggie sandwich, don't bother. They have limited veggies.

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                            We really tried to go to the Westwood location - given the dearth and death of all the competing cheesesteak sandwiches in our area we were desperate. Plus we got a coupon in the mail.

                            Called. A very young sounding teenager answered the phone; it was obvious he was chatting with someone in the background. He said, "Hey, can you hold on - for about five minutes?" I actually did hold on for about three. Then hung up the phone and threw out the coupon.

                          2. Apparently there's a new location, in the Target/BevMo mall on the corner of Santa Monica & La Brea. Not sure how long it's been open, but I walked by and it looked brand spanking.

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                              I just noticed that there's a sign in the window of an empty storefront in La Canda (corner of Foothill and Oakwood next to Penguins) announcing that NJ Mike's is opening soon. From what I'm reading in the above posts, I sounds like a yawn is in order.

                              1. re: trimtab

                                I think that's a safe assumption. As I stated a few months ago, you could do worse (Quizno's and the like). JM doesn't do a bad sub, but it ain't a classic Jersey sub by any stretch.

                            2. The location in Burbank is the one that I frequent. I like having freshly cut meat better than what they have at Subway.

                              1. Shredded lettuce -- Yuck! I ate at the new one in Westwood. Won't go back.