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Jun 8, 2009 07:10 PM

Jersey Mike's Subs - Bev Hills

This place is opening this week and I want to know if anyone has been to any of the other locations. I am a fan of Bay Cities (no need for comments, just stating the fact) and would love a place that isn't so far away.


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  1. We ate at the one in Northridge. It's another version of Subway with service being slower.

      1. Just had a sandwich today at Two Boots in Echo Park. I had the Central Grocery, it is a sub with olive salad and meats. lettuce, tomato, cheese and garlic mayo, not even close to a muffelatta but a great sandwich on great bread, I will repeat.

        Two Boots
        1818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

        1. One opened up near my work in El Segundo. Had it twice last week and I love it. They carve the meat fresh right in front of you when you order. Their veggies are all fresh and most importantly, their bread is freshly baked and very soft. I will definitely make this one of my regular lunch spots. Most of their sandwiches are cold subs but they do have a few hot subs like philly cheesesteaks. Definitely check it out.

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            Look if I had to choose between Subway Quizno or Jersey Mikes I would choose Jersey Mikes hands down. It is not Bay Cities but it is not awful either. The Phillie cheese steak is decent for a fast food place. As I am across the street from the new location I am sure I will be eating there every now and again.

            1. re: trojans

              I dont like the chain myself. The one in Simi is awful. I tried it once and won't go back.

          2. I had a sandwich from one in Nashville and liked it enough to look for one out here, only to find that the nearest one was too far away. I'll definitely give Bev Hills a try. The one I tried before had fresh, non-dry meat and fresh and interesting toppings. I like Subway, like Quizno's less, just for reference.

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              My son in Nashville dotes on this place, for reasons I don't quite comprehend. I thought it was inferior even to Subway, and far worse than Nashville's own Sub Stop. He and others apparently disagree.