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Lucille's NDG (old O' Bistro location)

I went by this new resto last week and peeked at the menu. It seems to be seafood and fish oriented with a southern feel. I don't recall the details but there was a lobster BLT and some kind of a softshell crab sandwich on offer. Has anyone been yet? This might be a long shot but from reading previous posts from BigFellow, I'm wondering if this couldn't be his restaurant.

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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think he has anything to do with this place. From what I know, it's run by the son (s) of the woman who ran O'Bistro, and it's ahem, purposes aren't necessarily, well, serving the best food. I'll leave it at that. I had also glanced at the menu a while back and was struck by a few things. First and foremost, how short it was. Secondly, the prices and thirdly and most importantly to me, the lack of direction. It seemed to be a bit of this, a bit of that and not much of anything substantial. A bit of southwestern style a bit of French, an italian dish thrown in for good measure..... I wasn't impressed, nor was I tempted to go there. I would be curious to read a review from someone who's actually eaten there. It won't be on my dime.

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      I am pretty sure Lucille's has the same owners as Marche 27 and Greasy Spoon. I am friendly with one of the chefs from Greasy Spoon and he told me its one of their restaurants.

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        My wife and I ate there a few days after it opened which is really too soon to review the food. All I can say is that there seems to be attempt to have a kind of "Garde Manger meets Globe on Monkland" theme. I 'm not sure if the waitresses are still outfitted in the barely there clingy micro mini thingies they were wearing when we were there but I don't think that will go over to well with some diners. When we were there all of the terrace doors were open which made the interior quite unpleasant with all the smokers outside. Particularly offensive was the a**hole smoking a cigar (shame on the restaurant staff for allowing it). I'll give it another try but will wait for them to find their groove.

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          I did a quick check of the Greasy Spoon menu, when I was on Laurier street a couple of days ago. They have a $17 hamburger(is it very similiar to the burger at Marche 27, which I have eaten at)! Is the food at Greasy Spoon restaurant good ?

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            I actually like Greasy Spoon better then March 27. Marche 27 is more of a Tartar restaurant and I am not a fan of Tartar.
            I have recommended Greasy spoon to several people and it was a hit every time.Appetizers range from $6 to $14, and mains will set you back anywhere from $15 to $30 I havent tried many things on the menu but I do recommend trying the Angus beef steak.

            also really like Griffintown restaurant on Notredame. It kinda reminds me of Marche 27/ Greasy Spoon. I think the chefs are friends as well.

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            What is the price range?
            What would you recommend?

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              I can't recommend anything since I haven't eaten there and don't plan on it anytime soon. The price range is what I would call expensive - although I can't give you any price quotes. I thought it was very steep.

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                From what I remember from my peek at the menu (posted outside), there wasn't a bottle of wine for less than $40, and few wines by the glass. With Vino and Taverne so close by, why bother?

          3. When I saw the name I thought these people were opening the perfect spot for NDG, a diner!

            I was very disapointed to see that once again they are trying to open a high-end restaurant in that location, which by the way, is getting a third restaurant (the first two O'Bistro and Trais Marie were always empty).

            I would have prefared a good place to eat a burger and ice cream instead. NDG needs good quality greasy spoons to take the family out, most of the people living there are families, not trendy bachelors looking for a date.

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              who wouldn't love an old time diner in montreal like those seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives...

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                Oooooh. I dream of a place like they have on that show. I think part of the problem is the rent on that part of Monkland has skyrocketed and I'm not sure how a real old-fashioned greasy-spoon/diner- type place could make ends meet in that location. But I would certainly love to see one there.

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                You are so right! What Montreal needs is a good diner. Best option for families in NDG is our favorite Bofinger on Sherbrooke W. Great burgers and pulled meat sandwiches - their toppings are to die for and the sides are great.

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                  The only thing keeping me from opening in NDG is the lack of a good location!

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                    On Saint- Denis corner Gilford there is a Pizzaiole restaurant in what looks like an authentic old fashion diner. This kind of set up with actual diner style food is what we are missing in Montreal. I am often in Connecticut and they have the most amazing high end family diners all over New England. Or.... a diner like the famous Buckhead diner in Atlanta.

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                      IIRC, that spot had a "real" diner menu when it opened, but the concept didn't work here - which is why it's now a Pizzaiolle...

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                        Perhaps it's the location that didn't work...A family style diner should not be on Saint Denis in my opinion...

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                          I am still hunting for a decent location...and maybe a new realtor.

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                            IMHO a diner here; for it not to be considered a greasy spoon, needs the true Diner effect not a restaurant store front per se: that's a lot of bucks in an economy that falling especially if this Diner is going to have a diner-menu and prices to match.

              3. Enticing atmosphere! The waitress forgot to mention that there was a raw bar menu that is only listed on the wall, typically covered by those standing. Excellent Lobster BLT!! I ordered Mussels...Only 6 mussels came in the bowl for $13. Teeny piece of Halibut was also ordered for $25. I was told it was garnished with a green salad and lentils. It came with lentils and 3 slices of pear. The waitress was descent, Then extremly excitable upon bill time. The daily drink of Iced tea coctail was delicious. I think it is a good spot for appetizers and drinks. For dinner i would only hit up the lobster and raw bar.

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                  I've been there a few days ago. The food was good (we had the salmon tartar, ribs, Cesar salad with fried oysters and the lobster BLT). The price and service were ok.

                  I will go back in a near future to try the raw bar.

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                    I went this week and had a great time !! The food was not spectacular but very enjoyable, loved the southern smoked ribs and the raw bar especially the raw scallops. Many kinds of oysters east and west coast. Good staff, drank some strawberry mojitos, all and all a good time with a good atmosphere, not cheap but will for sure go back..... worth a try

                2. Does anyone have the contact info?

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                    The Google says:

                    5626 Monkland Ave. (Marcil and Oxford Sts.) 514-482-1471

                    1. Ate here yesterday. Will never eat here again...this has to be the worst restaurant service in Montreal. If it's a restaurant because I think it is actually a bar. One waitress for 17 tables. True, we are not drinkers; so there was no alcohol on our bill .... maybe that's why we got the worst service? People who came in after us and who sat at the bar walked out full before we even got our meal...in fact we cancelled the meal and were ready to walk out 45 minutes later when the waitress said our salads are coming out....the rest is history...

                      The food...not too bad...but unfortunately too many of the staff kept going outside for a smoke far too often while we sat waiting...

                      1. In the FWIW department, Lucille's Oyster Dive gets mostly positive reviews in today's Hour and Voir. No mention of service issues.


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                          ....and now the Mirror...
                          Seems like a re-hash of the Hour review, even sampling the same menu items; fish&chips with peas and lobster rolls. Seems they took the Hour review's suggestion of toasting the lobster buns...

                        2. I read the review in Hour and wondered if it was the same place I saw on CH.
                          It was a difference of a couple of weeks, but I remembered the CH reviews to be pretty harsh - service wise and mediocre food. I also seemed to remember a post hinting that it had a sinister side (I don't know if this was removed or I'm just wacky...).
                          The Hour review seemed positive.
                          I haven't even seen the place, but I will say, the reviews are certainly mixed.

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                            We go once in a while, when we have a seafood craving. The oysters are very, very fresh and well shucked (sp?) but the prices are kinda outrageous for the overall ambiance. The wine list is always a shocker: only the beer is affordable.

                          2. only thing worth getting are the oysters, however get ready to get severely robbed. and if you require sea salt on your 4$ oyster you should bring your own, cause they don't have any. tried the tuna "tartar" which turned out to be basically a ceviche. i've also had the seafood platter and the shrimp was clearly frozen, not fresh. basically this place is a joke for the prices they demand.

                            1. Had to go back after that review in the gazette!
                              My wife and I went for a late dinner and ended up taking advantage of the 1 dollar oyster special !! After a couple glasses of wine and 18 oysters we moved on to the fish of the day and a surf n turf (smoked ribs and a lobster roll) ..... Everything was really good, we sat at the bar and had a great time the place has a good vibe, will definitely go back. Was a little on the pricey side but worth it.

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                                What were the prices and when are their $1 oyster available?

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                                  See, I don't get Lucille's. To me it is a glorified bar. It is not a restaurant

                                  if one enjoys to sit at a bar which is the only place they place their 'raw bar' and drink I say go for it. After having eaten there last summer; I would not consider it a restaurant for the following reasons:
                                  Service was worse than awful we literally waited 30 minutes for a starter salad as many people walked in and were immediately served. Finally we made the conscious decision to get up and walk out. We were among the first customers at 5:30 and then slowly people came in to sit at the bar while we sat at a table for 2 window-side.

                                  Caveat: we are not alcohol drinkers which is why we choose to go early for a Saturday nite dinner if we are alone so we don't take up a valuable table on a Saturday night. I don't suspect - I know- this is why we were treated the way we were.

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                                    We had a great dinner at Lucille's-we had an 8:30 reservation-waited about 15 minutes at the bar-it was packed but a great atmosphere-good mix of young and older folks

                                    After 10 they have 1$ per oyster, malpeques but very fresh and decent sized-out table had 2 orders of 12 as appetizers-
                                    2 of us had the Lobster rolls(2 per) order-they were the best I have had outside of maine-2 others had Burgers and got thumbs up from both,
                                    Would definately go back

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                                    sorry just noticed your reply...... oysters were 1$ after 10pm, you should call and make sure its every night though, 514-482-1471

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                                      I read their number was 514-482-5626?

                                2. Two of us were there on a Sunday night: Two and a half pints of beer, 18 PEI oysters, one order of lobster rolls (2 large rolls with frites). We sat at the bar. The service was very competent, and the food was first class. Bill was $140 with tip. Not a cheap evening out - but dinner of oysters and lobster isn’t likely to be inexpensive. We’ll be back again, for exactly the same meal.