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Jun 8, 2009 06:28 PM

Xanath Ice Cream, SF (Mission) Anyone try it yet?

Walking around on Valencia St I saw people eating at Xanath Ice Cream. Has anyone tried it yet?

Xanath Ice Cream
951 Valencia St.
(between Liberty St & 21st St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 648-8996

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  1. I went about a week ago. Most ice creams were Straus, only one or two were made in house (they were fruit flavors, I think). The staff were friendly and let my friend and I sample a couple, but we didn't like any enough to buy.

    1. their vanilla flavors are really good. they do have strauss ice cream but they make several of their own flavors. the guy imports vanilla so there are several vanilla flavors from different regions. i went with the mexican vanilla bean which was delicious. it is organic.

      tried their soft serve (they will let you try as many flavors as you want). it takes getting used to since they use agave instead of sugar.

      1. link

        Xanath Ice Cream
        949 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. Wow. I mean wow. Unfortunately that is not in a good way.

          Ok ... the positive.

          They give a generous serving for the money. Two scoops are $4.75. You can choose up to four flavors. Each 'scoop' = 2 full scoops anywhere else ... and we are not talking ICI-size ... large scoops.

          Another good thing is they are open late ... until 11 pm on Fri-Sat.

          They are organic using a Strauss base. Actually they sell some Strauss ice cream in addition to their own.

          The staff is nice.

          They are kosher.

          There are unique flavors and they are not ... shy flavors

          And that is the problem. I never thought I'd say this but there is WAY too much flavor. It is agressive. It is the anti-ICI ... but not in a good way.

          I got Mexican vanilla, Tahitian vanilla and coconut, creamy apple and cinnamon and fig.

          Sweet ... sweet, sweet, sweet ... WAY too sugary and sweet. Headache-inducing sweet,. My fillings had flashbacks of the former cavities that occupied those teeth and started to scream in painful rememberance. That sweet.

          I was interested in the different varieties of vanilla. The Madagascar vanilla is made by Strauss, so I skipped that. I could not tell the difference between the other two except the Tahitian had gritty coconut in it.

          The only flavor that did not come through was the apple in the creamy apple. The cinnamon was the dominatrix in this duo. The owner sells vanilla and spices like saffron. This was like if you could take a bite of an Indian spice store like Milan .. and chew on it ... I imagine it would taste like this ice cream.

          ALSO ... this is the type of ice cream that coats the roof of your mouth with a layer of butterfat. I hate that.

          AND ... to make it worse one of the vanilla's had icy bits in it.

          They also have frozen yogurt. Someone else will have to report on that. It won't be me.

          On this hot summer night the line was 6-7 deep. As I was driving up 18th, I considered chucking this stuff and stopping at Bi-Rite. However, the line at Bi-Rite ... and I do not exaggerate ... snaked up to the corner and half way up the block on Dolores.

          Xanath facebook page

          1. Not having seen this post or heard of the place at all, I happened by there today. They had a sign in the window for a frozen yogurt special, a small cup for 99 cents. Happy to see it was agave sweetened, I tried a vanilla/chocolate swirl (those were the only fro yo flavors). As with the Straus chocolate ice cream pints I have tried from the grocery, this chocolate was not flavorful enough for me. Too subtle (in contrast to rworange's experience of the ice cream flavors) but the vanilla was good, & for 99 cents I was more than happy to have a soft serve experience w/ quality ingredients. I'll go back again & get just the vanilla next time I'm in the neighborhood.