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Jun 8, 2009 06:11 PM

Mobile Pizza Makers to Cater an Event?

I'm getting married in the Catskills in September and would LOVE to have a mobile pizza vendor like Pizza Moto from the Brooklyn Flea Market be one of the food options for guests. Do you have any suggestions? The pizza would ideally be wood fired but I'm open to other possibilities. Thanks!

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  1. I cannot recall at the moment where I saw a vendor with a really amazing truck with a brick oven built into the rear truck bed....but start with these links and I will try to remember and report back:

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      I can't believe I figured it out so it is......

      Check out his previous parties and see who used his services on May 24th, 2009.

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        Awesome! Thanks so much for finding that for me. It looks great! Have you had their pizza before or been to an event they cater?

    2. Don't know if they'll travel that far, but the BIG GREEN PIZZA TRUCK is the best. I've been to several of their parties. They are based in the New Haven, CT area, but do travel at an hourly charge for travel time.

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        Nice! My fiancee just found them on the web a couple of days ago (though if I'd looked at your post sooner, I would have beat her to it. Thanks for your help!

      2. Thanks for the great suggestions so far. Here is another one that I found that looks amazing: I'm trying to get in touch with the chef David Britton but haven't found his contact info yet. I'll let you know when I do.

        1. I dont know who they were but i was at Bethal Woods last year on a sunday event. There was a local Pizza guy with a pizza oven on a trailer. If you call Bethal Woods i am sure they could help you find him.

          1. I just came across this thread. Sidnek, if you haven't found David Britton's contact info yet and you still need catering let me know. I'm his cousin-in-law. I can get the info for you. They're just getting rolling (heh) with the new business, so when I see a lead, I want to make sure I help him connect.

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