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Jun 8, 2009 06:01 PM

Bucks/Mont. County Specialty Shops/Stores/Restaurants

Having moved to Bucks county in the last 2 years, I am slowly putting together a list of places to go to get authentic, quality foods instead of going to the big box called Acme or Ginuardi's. For example, we get our bagels at Bagel Junction in Newtown, our German sausages at Riekers in Rockledge, and our vegatables from some of the local farmer markets. We love to shop the small, local places to give them support in the community plus IMO the overall better quality of product.

So, my question to you is where do you go to get a specialty or authentic food in Bucks or Mont. County? I want to anything and everything - the more we stay out of the big box store, the better!

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  1. For sausages and specialty meats in Buxco, try Illg's (That's I-L-L-G'S). Much closer than Rockledge and all is processed on site.

    I wish I could direct you to Goodnoe's in Newtown for their ice cream and the best baked pies for 20 miles but, sadly, they closed last year.

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      I heard that awful news Chefpaulo. Where do you get your dessert these days?

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        A few other suggestions:

        Harring Brothers Plumstead off of 611- great butcher, especially for fresh lamb, chicken and turkey.

        Hellers, Warminster- Great fish market.

        Altomante's (Warminster and Doylestown) - italian specialty deli, very good selection of italian cheeses and specialty products. My only criticism is they source their Belle Paese from Wisconsin rather than Italy.

        Cote and Company in Doylestown for general specialty foods. Good catering.

        Crossroads Bakery in Doylestown makes a great baguette.

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          For good homemade ice cream, since Goodnoe's is gone, you could try Tanner Brothers.

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            I would add Freddy Hill or Merrymead near Lansdale as other options for great dairy fresh ice cream.

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              Rosenberger's in Hatfield has better ice cream and is way less expensive than Freddy Hill.

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                Does Rosenbergers have a Dairy Bar for take-out ice cream? I tried their website and found no info on retail sales

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                  Yes, you can take out ice cream, and I believe they have sandwiches also.

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              I love Tanner's Ice Cream! And down the street Solly's has the best homemade Pies!

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              I'll 2nd Illg's. They have a lot of interesting stuff there and it's the only place around I can get pink salt for curing.

              For an Italian specialty shop in Montco try Sam's on Welsh.

              It's a little far for me in Montco but Altemonte's as already mentioned is great spot.

              Venezia's as already mentioned in Plymouth Valley is good spot (they used to be on Ridge in Whitemarsh). Butch does great job there.

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                I can't agree more about Sam's. I usually go to stock up on their spoecialty products, but decided to try their italian hoagie when I was there yesterday, it was so good. High quality meat, sharp cheese, and (because bread is the most important part of a good hoagie) fresh crustry sesame roll. So good. They also have great tomato pie, we get one almost every timee we have a party.

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                Actually, depending on where y the OP lives he/she might be closer to Rieker's than Illg's.
                You can't go wrong with the calves liverwurst in natural casing at either establishment, though.

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                  Actually, they closed in 2006, but good news... the family opened a new Goodnoes at 4 S. Sycamore St about 3 blocks south of the former site... This new place is all ice cream products (sundaes, milkshakes, etc); it's not a restaurant. They opened on July 17, 2009

                2. there's a butcher on Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting... Carl Venezia meats.
                  My DH grills a lot, and has been able to get great cuts there that he can't find elsewhere. They're always really nice too, I think the selection is great.

                  1. Great responses so far! Does anyone know of a good Asian store in Buxco?

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                      The Assi Market on Rt. 63 in North Wales.

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                        The H-Mart in Levittown on Woodbourne Rd. Great produce and fish. And very good prices.

                      2. Le or La Maison du Cheese in doylestown. It is almost directly across from the Doylestown Farmer's market held on saturdays. If you time it just right you can get a wonderful selection of croissants still warm.

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                          I love the cheese shop, they also have wonderful baked goods. The farmer's market is great as well, as I always get bread, goat cheese, jams, and spanakopita there.

                          My other recommendation has also already been mentioned; Crossroads Bakery. They have a focaccia bread with brie, nuts, and honey that is delicious.