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I just agreed to buy the carne asada for a church barbeque next Sunday. There will be about 75 people. I welcome any suggestions as to where to buy it in West Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and East Los Angeles.

Thank you very much.

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      small market/deli in uptown whittier, california at the corner of greenleaf and mar vista avenue. they buy their meat from a supplier and it is very lean and they sautee it with their own jucies at their market. we live near by and use it all the time for our occasions. swing by and try some.

    2. Vallarta. Carniceria Don Juan. Superior Warehouse. El Super.

      If you want them to season it for you, ask for "preparada". If you want to season it yourself when you're ready to cook, ask for "no preparada".

      I personally like the diesmillo (that's a Mexican cut of meat) for carne asada myself.

      EDIT: It occurred to me that you may want to get it already cooked, in which case Vallarta is my suggestion, and tell them you want it already cooked.

      1. This is my go-to spot for carne asada. Ask for it prepared and they run it through a tenderizing machine and season it with chili powder and fresh orange juice. When I get it home I dump a beer into it for good measure. Great stuff.

        La Tapatia
        3319 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

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          La Tapatia makes a great Carne Asada, thanks for the recommendation.

        2. I don't know how far you're willing to go, but La Pradera has the best marinated carne asada I've had. All ready to go, you just throw it on the grill and cook. Located in El Monte at Santa Anita and Mildred (just south of the 10 freeway) and in Azusa in the strip mall at Lark Ellen and Arrow Highway.

          1. Thinking about it good and hard, I believe Gelson's and maybe Whole Foods are the only stores I've been to in LA County that DON'T have carne asada ready-to-cook. I tried some from Vons that was really good...

            1. Whittier Farms in city of Whittier has some of the best ranchera for carne asada Ive ever grilled. Worth getting!

              12221 Whittier Blvd
              Whittier, CA 90602
              (562) 696-123

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                I agree, I stopped there yesterday and got some carne al pastor and it was great, very tender and full of favor. I also got some carne asada but haven't tried it yet.

              2. Don Felix in Mar Vista is a pretty decent place to buy marinated asada.

                1. vallarta mexican grocery is the best place to buy marinated meat.ver ver y good from there

                  1. The quality of the prepared meat from Vallarta is really poor. Very fatty and lots of little pieces that makes it really hard to grill (the pieces fall through the grill). The flavor of the prepared meat was also not as good as everyone said it would be. My recommendation: by ranchera meat and season it yourself. Try seasoning it with garlic powder, onion powder, and a bit of chili powder for a kick (and a bit of salt if you want). Slice some lemons, brown onions and scallions and layer in between the layers of the meat. Pour a little of the lemon juice over the meat and pour beer into it all (you will want to use a deep dish like a pyrex while you marinade) let it soak in the beer for several hours then grill and enjoy!!!

                    1. My vote is for Sánchez Carnicería (Sanchez Meat Co.) on Inglewood and Culver.
                      Been going there for years and know of many Westsiders that go here $5.99/lb prepared. Best to get it the day before and let it sit overnight. They also have good homeade corn chips you can buy too. I haven't tryed any others around (no reason to), but this place is always packed and my bbq guests are always happy!

                      1. diesmillo?...oh hell no...to save a few bucks?..thats your choice if you like fat every half inch....stay with the asada...the homemade prep can be orange juicea little cumin..garlic powder..onions....cilantro...chili powder fine if you want..i like ground new mexico chili powder..some markets will prep it however added weight of ingredients can add up if money is an object..enjoy and experiment...vallarta..el superior all good choices due to high demand the meat is fresh..grill to thrill!

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                          Carnicerías weigh the meat first and then season it, as do pretty much all markets.

                          If you know how to cook meat, the fat on diesmillo turns soft and delicious, even when grilled.

                          And there's no such cut of meat as "asada". "Asada" means grilled.

                        2. If anyone is looking for a good place to get meat, especially ranchera preparada, in the South Bay is Flores Meats in Wilmington. This is a real hole in the wall place in a dodgy neighborhood, but the meat is really outstanding. They even have a little cafeteria area where you can get tacos (cabeza, al pastor, asada, lengua, chicharron etc..), burritos, chile rellenos, etc...

                          This is a post that is always It is always crowded with locals, so there is high turnaround on the buffet food. I've only tried the tacos which were great, but the other items looked delicious as well.

                          1. Check out any Henry's in your area. They have very good Carne Asada. You do not have to go to a Mexican market for good Carne Asada. They usually have it on sale and it goes fast. You will not be disappointed. Good Luck!

                            Good Luck Bar
                            1514 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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                              I 2nd that about Henry's, Their Carne Asada is really good. Das Ubergeek is absolutely right about the cut of meat, I have had a lot of Argentinian meat grilled and the cut of meat makes the world of difference. Just my opinion!!