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Jun 8, 2009 05:43 PM

experience with Calphalon or Cooks on 8 cooking class

I don't know why - but my boss has asked me to organize our team fun day.

Thinking we'll do something charitable first (daily food bank?) then a cooking class. We are looking at something in the downtown area...

Calphalon on King St
Cooks on 8 (Simpson tower)

Does anyone have any experience with either or these two venues?

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  1. I took a series of cooking classes at Calphalon on King St. a few years ago. I learned some good tips and had a good time doing it. The facilities are great and the cookware was fun to use. I've taken other freebie demo classes there, too (don't think they offer the freebies any more) and enjoyed them. Everyone in the classes I attended seemed as pleased as I was - including my then-14 year old son who joined me for several. The chefs they had teaching at that time were engaging, entertaining and willing to answer lots of questions. All in all it was a relaxing and fun experience.

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      I will second everything that lovegoodfood said. I have taken some courses there and the chefs and equipment are excellent. They answer questions well and when they are not demonstrating they walk around the class area helping the students.

      The classes are fast paced. The last one I took covered 4 different dishes in one session, so if that is the case in any class you arrange, be prepared to learn a lot.

    2. I attended a corporate event at Cooks on 8 that involved a cooking class (I think it was thai) and it was really fun. The food was good as well. It's a nice space and the classes were well run. This was about two years ago so I can't vouch for more recent experience.

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        I was at a corporate event at Great Cooks on Eight a few months back. Very well run, decent beverage selection, and nice facilities.

        I'm sure the options vary, but they started us with cocktails and canapes, then divided us into teams to prep appetizers, soup, mains and desserts. Many of the steps were pre-done, and the opportunity for error was reduced by the sous chefs. The actual cooking was done by the sous, most of what we did was prep, which was interesting, but might not be everything experienced cooks would like. It wasn't my nickel, but I think they price out to over $150 per head. Good fun.