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Jun 8, 2009 05:39 PM

Visiting SF for the first time from East Coast

My husband and I (we are from Boston) will be visiting CA for the first time for 10 days. We will be starting in San Francisco and then driving down to San Diego.

We esp. like Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Latin and seafood. I know I want to have dungeoness crabs. We are looking for food suggestions-what food is a must try for us. We don't mind hole in the walls as long as the food is great. Would like to keep the average entree price $15-20max.

We plan to say in SF for about 3 -4 days and then drive down Highway 1 with many stops on the way. Was told to stop in Cambria, Santa Barbara, Carmel, etc.

We are big food people and usually like to plan our trips around food so any of your favorite haunts will be appreciated. This is a R&R trip but will include some research on vegan bakery/baked goods.

Thank you.

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  1. Here is a start

    Visitng SF. Eat like a local not a tourist.

    1. I'd do Lers Ros Thai for Thai, PPQ or La Vie for Vietnamese roasted Dungeness crab, Incanto for Italian (get the cured tuna heart pasta), La Ciccia for Sardinian.

      Pupusas from Balompie Cafe, a super burrito from Taqueria cancun, salted caramel and honey lavender ice cream from Bi-Rite, any ice cream from Humphrety Slocombe.

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        you guys would do better trying scream for sorbet and maggie mudd for coconut milk ice cream, as far as vegan desserts go. also ritual roasters has some (gross looking) vegan pastries if you really wanna try.

      2. SF: Italian - Antica Trattoria for dinner, Vietnamese - Bodega Bistro, Seafood - Swan Oyster Depot for lunch (crab) or Tadich for dinner (sandabs). Tartine for pastries. Ti Couz is a great breton crepe place with both amazing savory and sweet night seafood but also one of the best seafood salads you won't find anywhere. one of my favorite places.
        Also check out Rainbow grocery for a large selection of vegan might find some companies you can contact if that helps.

        on the drive down...go down highway 1 to Santa Cruz and on the way stop at Pescadero and eat at Duarte's. Old famous tavern with some one of a kind dishes. Both green chile or artichoke soup, great crab sanwiches and cioppino or other fresh fish (order simply) and olallieberry pie. then make a stop just south of Santa Cruz (you might check out black china bakery there-vegan) in Capitola at Gayle's bakery. Really one of the best bakers around. (search amazon's for "village baker's wife" in hardcover for a peek at what some of the bakery case looks like)
        In Carmel area- I love Fandango in Pacific Grove for seafood and osso bucco (large sea scallops) and in carmel village...Tuck Box. not really on your list but english tudor cottage serving griddled scones with homemade jam (olallieberry again).
        In Santa Barbara- one of my favorite places is in Montecito ..Pane e Vino Trattoria.. really small place with great italian food. have gone there for years.

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          I almost SB...La Super a must for me when I'm in town. It's a shack and you won't think much of it when you see it but it's a legend and worth the trip.

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            I like Passionfish in Pacific Grove but that's also on another board.