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Jun 8, 2009 05:33 PM

Mesa Coyoacan

This upscale Mexican "bistro" opened last week on Graham Avenue in W'burg, where Pampa Grill used to be. From the opening "tasting party" that we fell into by coincidence because the door was wide open, I got the impression that the chef really knows his stuff. The place does not look like your typical Mexican joint, except for a little market shrine close to the bathroom. Other than that it could be any type of restaurant/cuisine.
It's cozy and creatively designed, but I can't say much about the food yet, except that there is some buzz about the chef. Has anybody had a full dinner experience there yet ? Me and my partner will be going there with a group of friends this Sunday. We'll post about our dining experience then.

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  1. I went last night and really enjoyed it.

    We had the guacamole (simple and good, not overwhelmed by other flavors like citrus, garlic, onion, tomato etc. The tostados I think were home made - not crazy about the salsa), chile en nogada (interesting flavors, the pepper was spicy but good), the Azteca soup (the broth picked up a lot of flavor form the chiles I think and was good), 3 glasses of sangria and the churros for dessert and it came to $60.

    To be honest I wasn't totally blown away, but it's a solid addition to the neighborhood, and I do want to go back and try the mixiote and posole. I like the design of the place, although it's a little on the young/hip side for me when I think I'd rather something a little more homey to go with the food.


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      I went this past week and my friend and I split the chicken tinga and fish tacos. The chicken tacos were rather bland (though as my friend pointed out, the taste was improved much by using all three salsas provided. Still though, chicken tinga should be *fiery* on its own) and the fish tacos were fairly good. The prices were quite reasonable and the service was lovely. I'd love to hear what others had.

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        There was a sign on the wall that said Brunch either was coming soon or maybe starting this weekend? So the answer is yes - just not sure if it's started yet.

      2. i had the crab tostadas and fish tacos, and quite enjoyed both. looking forward to going back.

        1. Finally managed to go back to Mesa, and it was unbelievably good. The guacamole is nice and chunky, and very well seasoned. Then we had the enchiladas with mole and the carnitas tacos, both impeccable and prepared by very assertive hands.
          The room is separated into various sections, with a big table upfront and a lounging area to enjoy their strawberry and peach Sangrias. Behind the main dining area is the open kitchen and a staircase that might lead to an upstairs outdoor area someday. Right now it is beautifully decorated and lit with candles to add to the cozy vibe.
          The dessert, a flambeed dish of bananas, finished tableside with a very strong tequila I suppose, is quite spectacular and also very "yummy" (for lack of a better description).
          Service was very professional, not intrusive at all, just there when you needed something.
          Overall, thumbs up, enthusiastically.

          1. We came back from vacation and Mesa Coyoacan was open and Pampa (which i never stepped into) was gone. What a different vibe. The place had more energy and the menu looked really exciting. First night I had tacos de carnitas that melted in my mouth. My husband got enchiladas de bistec that were also excellent. We stuffed ourselves with some churros to top it off. I love the Borsao rose. I think we've been back probably 10 times or more since then and each time I really enjoy it. A few very small things: servers are really friendly, but could improve a bit on attentiveness (i.e. taking away used glasses/bottles instead of letting them clutter up the table...) and the chip to guacamole ratio is off. I'd prefer to do with fewer chips rather than waste them. I love the salsa that comes with the guacamole, but you can't dip a totopo in that little container! I have also loved the steak tacos, the sopa azteca, the esquites and the vuelve a la vida. All good. I really want them to stay on their game - because we have a good thing going here and it's only two blocks from my apartment.

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              I had another nice meal there - really liked the mixiote and the spicy pepper sauce it comes with and the mini tortillas. Still not crazy about the salsa but don't have many other complaints - glad to see it seems to be doing well.