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Jun 8, 2009 05:05 PM

Ideas for Kosher Caterer/Restaurant Take-Out in TOronto

Hi folks, I am having a big party this summer for over 100 people. The food needs to be kosher. I am looking for a caterer or a restaurant that could provide GOOD middle eastern salads and side dishes. I am thinking of salads like fattoush, tabouleh, etc. Refreshing, summery stuff. If you know of a good kosher restaurant or a good kosher caterer that does good middle eatern style food, please help!

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  1. Try Elite Salads @ 905 771 9356
    or Tov Li @ 416-650-9800

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      I have been to a party catered by them before and it was quite good. what day of the week is your party?

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          When you order I would ask (i.e. insist) that they make the food fresh on the Sunday. They are not open Sat so if it is prepared in advance it will be several days old by Sunday.

      1. I like Tov Li, but the northern branch on Bathurst north of Finch is much better than the one between Lawrence and Wilson.

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        1. The original comment has been removed