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Jun 8, 2009 05:05 PM

Trip Report 6/1-6/5 2009

As soon as we arrived at our hotel (Omni Royal Orleans) we headed straight to Stanley! for Eggs Stella. It was perfect - huge ss crab on top of the eggs benedict, yum. Later that afternoon we headed for Acme so the husband could have his oysters and I had a catfish po-boy. All was great here. We always eat at Acme at least twice during a trip. Dinner was at Deanie's (husband likes quantity). I had 3lbs of crawfish and 1/2 doz chargrilled oysters, hubby had crawfish etoufee. I love the sweet fig salad dressing! Deanie's is always good for us.

Tuesday: Yummy breakfast muffin at Johnny's poboy ($3.25 and it was packed with ham, cheese and scrambled egg). Afternoon fried chicken snack at Fiorella's in the alley by the Court House. The chicken was good, but the female cook sat in the dining room near us smoking her cigarettes (one after another) and hacked away. Disgusting. I won't ever go back here even though the chicken tasted good. Dinner was at NOLA and it was wonderful. We sit at the Chef's counter which always promises a good time. We had Ms. Hay's chicken wings, the BBQ shrimp appetizer and the red fish. Fish was cooked perfectly. Service was perfect.

Wednesday: Breakfast this day was at Stanley! again. Need I say more. We had a wonderful dinner at Irene's this evening. We both ordered the oyster rockefeller soup (Yum), the fresh mozzarella appetizer with heirloom tomato and fresh basil (again yum), hubby had the black drum-cooked perfectly, and I had the linguini with the ss crab (yes, another crab). We LOVE Irene's. Service was perfect.

Thursday: Another Johnny's muffin. Dinner was at Restaurant August (my birthday). It was wonderful, the gnocchi appetizer was scrumptous and the oyster trio had to be ordered twice. Stay away from the ss crab entree - crab was small (tasty however), but so small for the money and the rest of the meal was scattered vegetables. The lemon fish was great.

Friday: breakfast was Cafe DuMonde beignets. Lunch was at Red Fish Grill - everything was delicious here - the hickory grilled fish was cooked perfectly, fried oysters were wonderful. Very pleased, surprisingly.

Back to reality....

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    1. I am so pleased to read your reviews. Thanks for the great feedback from all of us who feed the wonderful and appreciative guests of the greatest food city in the country. Please return soon, and bring your friends!

      1. Thank you for the reviews. I did Stanley for the first time last week. Had the Eggs Stella! and do agree. One of the best SS-crabs of the trip. Service was great, and the food was top-notch. For me, it was well worth the price and very enjoyable.

        Reviews to follow, when I get back on AZ time....


        1. hi lovenola, quick non-food question for you since you just got back. how was the omni royal? my husband and i are staying there next month...
          is the deck as great as everyone says? good enough for pre-dinner drinks?
          i am definitely going to hit up Stanley after your description of the SS benedict...yumm

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            The pool deck at the Omni Royal is second to none in NOLA. Even nicer than the Monteleone. Pre-dinner drinks? Depends on the crowd. There's always a chance of running into a group of "Bourbon St., drink til I vomit and pass out" yahoos, holding court up there (or just about anywhere in the take your chances). If that's the case, try the Bombay Room on Conti for cocktails and appetizers.

            1. re: tschaf17

              The OMNI is the only hotel we will stay at. We are "select guests" and stay a few times a year. The location can't be beat and it just has that great "NO" ambience. Yes, the observation deck has a great view, we sit up there and drink bubbly and look out over the Quarter.

              1. re: tschaf17

                You will love having pre-drinks before dinner at the Omni Royal Orleans pool deck. It also has a bar or bring your own what ever you like to drink. It has a great side view of Jackson square and another great veiw of the Mississippi River and the Cresent city bidge. Stanley's is only two blocks from the Omni Royal Orleans. You will definley enjoy the SS benedick at Stanley's, I have eaten at Stanley's twice with Lovenola last week. Enjoy.

                1. re: richard ko

                  Thanks everyone! I am so excited for my first trip to NOLA. I am kicking myself now for deciding to only stay 3 nights...dangit!
                  Anyone have any opinions on Irene's? We are planning to try it out our first night.

                  1. re: tschaf17

                    Love Irene's , Great food, love the warm bread, and great oyster rockefeller soup. Excellent service. If you love wine and have a special bottle of wine, bring it, corkage fee is only $10.00 or not. Irene's is locate right down the street from Stanley's. Enjoy