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Jun 8, 2009 05:04 PM

OBX: Renditions or Flying Fish Cafe?

We are a family of four (2 kids - 6 & 8) looking for a nice last night dinner for our vaca in the Outer Banks (staying in Duck). We went to Blue Point last year. I have it narrowed dowen to Renditions & Flying Fish. Fewer recommendations for Renditions as it is new but the menu looks very good. Flying Fish seems to be tried and true. Any thoughts?

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  1. Did you try Ocean Blvd? owned (or was owned) by same folks that have the Blue Point -- many years ago chef was invited to the James Beard House in NYC to do one of their chef's dinners. Both of these places are on our tried and true list.

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      the Blue Point guys haven't owned Ocean Blvd. in several years and the chef that won the James Beard awards isn't there any longer. It's still terrific, however.

    2. Forgot to add that 1587 in Manteo is also somewhat on par w/ Blue Point and Ocean Blvd. -- if you are in Corolla it is a bit of a drive (our rental houses are in Corolla so, we don't get down to 1587 very often).
      Outside of these three, everything else is average...

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        1. I love both Renditions and Flying's a tough call. I think I like tha atmosphere in Renditions better and I LOVE their menu and the guys who own it are terrific. George at Flying Fish is also wonderful. You'll be happy with either choice, but Renditions is a few minutes closer to Duck...something to be said for avoiding summer traffic, even if it is for just a few miles!