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Jun 8, 2009 04:04 PM

(MSP) La Belle Vie - Help for wife

After some cajoling, my wife is treating me to La Belle Vie as an anniversary gift.

My wife, for a variety of reasons, has a limited repetoire of foods she can/will consume. Looking at the online menu, she is tentatively embracing a salad and the poussin with sweetbread ravioli, and she won't have a problem finding a great dessert.

That said, if we are confronted with a different menu (as seems likely), and she can't find a first course to her liking, what is the best way to proceed? Is it reasonable to ask for a vegetarian version of an existing dish? A larger portion of a first course or salad? Four desserts?

Advice would be appreciated.

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  1. She does realize that sweetbreads and poussin are in NO way vegetarian doesn't she?

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    1. re: michitom

      She isn't vegetarian, but doesn't eat red meat, usually. She has digestive issues, and she is from South Dakota, so some of her formative culinary experiences are based on some tortured executions (duck = burnt leather).

      She tends to embrace most foods she can eat. She loved the 112, for example. I've never been totally honest with her about what sweetbreads and foie gras are, though.

    2. It might be a good idea to call the restaurant and ask what accommodations can be made; I think I've heard of people doing this for food allergies and such. They might be quite flexible, especially if you let them know in advance. Or they might not, but it can't hurt to try. It may also depend on whether you're planning on a tasting menu or ordering à la carte.

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        Well, I'm certainly going with the tasting menu. I just don't want my wife to be embarrassed if she's put on the spot.

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          Unless LBV has changed all people at the table need to have the tasting menu for anyone to have it. You can call and see if that is the case. I love the place and hope it works for you.

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            You'll both have to have the tasting menu, then. They can change it up a bit, though, on request. It sounds like your wife has no problem with a particular food, just a general aversion to anything new. I'd suggest you convince her to just trust the chef and give the tasting menu a go. All the courses will be small, so she only has to try a few bites of any one dish.

        2. I know LBV will do a vegetarian tasting menu if you give them some advance notice. I confess I'm a little confused about the exact nature of your wife's preferences and aversions (it's late, I'm tired) so, I'm not completely clear if going all vegetarian would address the issues, but I just though I'd throw it out there in case it might.

          Good luck and happy anniversary!


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          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            We decided to postpone LBV until my birthday in favor of Heartland, which is hardly slumming it.

            Frankly, I'm a little confused about the exact nature of my wife's preferences and aversions. It's part digestive issues (no rice, squash, or heavy fiber veggies), typical female dislikes (no hunks of red meat), and bad culinary experiences from her South Dakota upbringing (duck and lamb = charred, leathery meats drowning in cream of chicken soup).

            In my experience, when food is prepared well, she likes it regardless. She went from loving Macaroni Grill and Leeann Chin to loving the 112 and Jasmine 26 (and all things Parasole, but I can live with that).

          2. wonderful! thanks for the info..