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Jun 8, 2009 03:59 PM

Ray's Hell Burger to move into original Ray's the Steaks Space

Michael Landrum announced today on that sometime this week he's shifting the Ray's Hellburger sit-down operation over to the now-empty Ray's the Steaks space a couple of spaces up in the same strip, and keeping the Hellburger current space for The Hell Express - take-out orders, ice cream and the like. This as a result of all the new business that Obama's visit generated for Hellburger.

So what does that mean for his plans to open Ray's the Catch/Net in the old RTS space? Eventually he hopes to relocate Hellburger altogether, (at a super-secret new location) and open the fish place in the original RTS space - but it's sounding like that won't happen until fall, if that.

No word on what's happening in the space next to the current RTS, or his planned chicken venture across the river.

Stay tuned, stay cool, and no, still no french fries.

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  1. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I have not been able to get in since the President went there. When I am in arlington (always for work), I don't have time to wait in line, then eat. I might be able to get my Ray's fix again :)

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    1. re: HHavi

      If the move of Ray's the Steaks to its new space a few months ago is any indication, the wait for a table at Ray's Hell will not be getting any shorter. RTS's new space is TRIPLED, and still there are people waiting outside for tables on busy nights. At least now they take reservations for some of the seating, so there's that.

      I'm hoping the take-out counter at WTH will allow people to call ahead to have their order waiting when they get there. I know, dream on...

    2. Yes, I was surprised today after taking a friend from Gaithersburg down there that both restaurants still offer seating privileges and both were filled with hamburger eating fools like myself. When we got there in the rain at 1145am on a Saturday today, the old Hellburger was 2/3 full but not much of a line. The other Hellburger 2 was mostly empty and he was directing people to the other store once a line formed at Hell 1. By the time we left, both were full but lines were very small. My burger was great but next time I plan to order a very simple cheeseburger without all the extra stuff on it (just like Michael recommended when I was there today but I was feeling stubborn). My friend did order it that way and he loved it. The tater tots are ok, the macaroni is VERY rich and pretty good. The Moorenko ice cream wasn't that good this time. I should have said something but we had already walked out with it and 1/2 way down the block. It had ice crystals in the flavor he recommended, something like carmel butter pecan.

      The guy at Ray's the steaks up the street, the wine manager was there at 1pm and talked to us for a while, mentioned that they begrudgingly will be putting together a website with a menu on it, something people have been asking for for a while.

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      1. re: stever500

        Those burgers don't need anything, certainly not cheese. Break the addiction!

        Tater tots are AWFUL, tasteless and greasy.

        Mac n' cheese is great, but kinda heavy with that big burger. Corn on the cob is always a good idea.