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Jun 8, 2009 03:17 PM

August or Apizz

Has anyone been recently and would you recommend one over the other? I'm looking for a place to take dh for his birthday--not too fancy and not crazy expensive, but certainly want good food and relaxing, inviting atmosphere. Both sound good; I'm leaning toward August based on the menu and the outdoor option. Thanks.

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  1. One restaurant is Italian and the other is more American. Does he have a favorite cuisine, or lean towards one over the other? I think that's how you'll make the best decision.

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          It's been 6 months, but when we had dinner at August, I seem to recall their menu being European. We had a tarte flambe, a vichyssoise, a cassoulet and (I'm not sure if I remember this correctly) a whole raoasted branzino.

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            True, I should have worded differently. I had a burger when I ate at August, and it was delish!


    1. I can only comment of August, have not been to Apizz. GF and I were at August VERY recently and the food and service was wonderful. I had oysters, very local and very fresh, Lamb belly (think spare ribs of lamb) this dish was outstanding, and I had a Sweetbread special, sweetbreads were cooked perfectly. GF (who is vegetarain) also had 3 dishes, spring nettle Vichyssoise (really good), Grilled ramps, and Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi (also very good).

      The wine list is nice and I thought reasonably priced, they offer glass, 1/2 bottels, and full. The recommendations to pair with our food were spot on.

      Couple things to point out. The bathroom is a little scary to get to, steep stairs down. If you have any walking problems it would be difficult. And the outside isn't really outside, it is glass enclosed with large opening overhead windows. Nice none the less.

      Management is wonderful there and if you have any questions or requests call and speak with Heather, let her know it's a special occassion.

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        Thanks both. Leah, we are both fairly serious "foodies" but I guess I was looking for "new American." I'm also thinking of Perilla (almost took him there last year but went with Blue Hill at the last minute, which was great) and Irving Mill (which sounds a little pricey, I don't know much more about it). I was hoping to keep things a little more, ahem, economical this year, but by the time you get a cocktail and a decent bottle of wine, nothing's going to be really cheap. He prefers a more casual atmosphere, but after all it IS his birthday, so I want to make it a little special.

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          I'd skip apizz - I was seriously underwhelmed during a recent visit. The space is great, but the food is nothing special, save for a couple decent dishes (the meatballs for which they're known, pretty good polenta with mushrooms). Otherwise, I'd say it was pricey for what it was, which was mostly passable red sauce Italian, maybe one small notch up from that. We had a seriously oversalted and oversauced lasagna dish, an admittedly tasty pasta with butternut squash and mascarpone (that was good but tasted more like blintzes than dinner), a crabmeat pasta dish that didn't quite work, and an unremarkable pasta with meat ragu. Not terrible, but not really worth the trip, I don't think.

      2. I've been to Perilla, Apizz and August and I would say go to August. The food is really good and inventive and the space is really nice. Make sure to sit in the back where the ceilign is made of glass (think greenhouse).

        I live near Apizz so I used to go often and I have to say i like the food alot. I love their house sauce and i love everything from their lasagna to their gnocchi with honey spareribs to the pasta with crab meat (lots of crab meat). Everything is cooked in a wood burning oven -- is piping hot and has a smokey flavor to it. Yes, sometimes the salt can be heavy handed at times but it has not been everytime i've been there.

        Perilla is really delicious and I believe in the same price point as the others. I go here often as well. THe duck meatballs and the pork belly apps are to DIE for. The hangar steak is quite good as is their duck entree. The food has been consistenly good at this place as well. Recently went and they have soft shell crab on the menu and they do not skimp. They serve you two large crabs.

        Have fun wherever you go!

        1. I've only been to August for brunch and was not impressed- the outdoor garden is quaint and pretty but the food I thought was mediocre and the portions were tiny. I LOVE apizz, very romantic with excellent service and food so that's my vote!