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Jun 8, 2009 03:11 PM

Roberta's in Bushwick

I went there yesterday and was surprised that it hardly rates a mention on this board. Hubby and I really liked it. Great cheeses and meats, nice thin crust pizza, with tasty sauce. The pizza did need salt but I forgave that because the attitude and atmosphere were so friendly and funky. Interesting beers on tap too.

If you want a Franny's-ish attention to ingredients and you'd prefer to look at arty hipsters than Park Slope parents and their kids, I'd definitely recommend it.

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  1. Went there and did not like it.

    Thought the pizza was mediocre as was the service.

    We went there with children and they acted like we brought lepers. The pizza ordered for one child came out blackened, had to cut half of it away.

    A pork item came more red thean pink. Asked about it and was told that's how they serve it, customer be damned.

    Dishes came out 10 minutes apart. It was like children playing restaurant.

    Bad food, bad service, never again.

    If that's hipster heaven you can keep it.

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    1. re: Speedo66

      wow - i've heard so many good things from various friends. been looking forward to going. and what about the touted fried chicken? perhaps that was just a bad day....?

      1. re: djk

        I'm only chiming in here to defend Roberta's, which I think/agree is generally great. Speedo66's experience with children at Roberta's is definitely an outlier -- or something.

        We and any number of our friends who live in the area go there all the time w/ kids -- sorry OP! but at least we're not park slopers -- and the staff is always super nice, friendly, and solicitous. It's in fact probably the easiest place in the neighborhood to deal w/ kids except maybe Fette Sau and the beer hall.

        I don't think the pizza is the best in town -- like Motorino for example better -- but it's pretty good.

        Other food can be a bit hit or miss, but I would say 3:1 hits to misses.

        The staff has never been anything but super-nice. Second MoistHeat -- which sounds a little creepy! -- but "what's not to like?"

    2. Roberta's is great. As the Times has noted, it's way more than a pizza joint. The porkchop is killer! Heritage, brined, and roasted in their wood oven,served just past pink with a vinegar-y farro salad. I love it. The pizzas, which can be quite charred, have an intensely flavorful crust, though can be inconsistent in texture and sloppy: some are better than others. Good fried chicken, decent drink selection, and they are growing produce on the roofs of repurposed train cars in their yard.

      What's not to like?