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Jun 8, 2009 03:05 PM

Romantic Mid Price Resteraunts TO

Hello, I am planning on taking my OH out for a romantic meal. I am not a cheap skate but am not working right now and can't afford the likes of Canoe etc. Can anyone reccomend a nice romantic resteraunt with great food and setting that wont break the bank? Thanks

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    1. I usually see somewhere like Weezie's recommended for something like this.

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        1. re: ChalkBoy

          Yes, but it's not the type of restaurant I would be looking for in the same scenario; I just meant that it seems to be one often recommended for this sort of question.

      1. can you let us know what means breaking the bank for you? $15 mains, or $20? will you be having wine? thanks.

        that being said, your best bet might be a prix fixe like those at Corner House, Sidecar, Libretto, etc...

        1. Amuse Bouche on Tecumseth has a $50 3 course Prix Fixe on right now.
          Not sure if that is out of your price range but definitely a very cosy, romantic restaurant!
          Swan (Queen/Crawford) is another option...cosy booths, and romantic lighting. Not crazy priced.

          1. La Palette used to be really good for that sort of thing, though I hear that the service has gone downhill since one partner left.
            Otherwise, I'd go to Le Paradis. Choose a table in the downstairs dining room. It's cozy and reasonably romantic. Most importantly, it's cheap.

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              Niagara Street Cafe, Tournesol Bistro, Starfish come to mind. Tournesol food not the best, but great prices and I find the ambience quite nice. How about Allen's patio if weather permits. Their patio is lovely.