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pasta shop in NE

I went to the new store today and although the cases were full of pasta- it was closed. Any word on hours or when this is open?

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  1. They are open 10-10 except Mondays they are closed! Joe from Tutto Italiano is running it.Sure will miss his sandwiches though.

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      That's odd. The website says they're open 7 days and lists Monday's open hours as 10-10.

    2. I love this Place,
      Where the heck is it ?????

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      1. re: Peter B Wolf

        in the old martignetti's location.

        i walked by yesterday around 3:00 and it was definitely not open.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Strange. It was open all weekend but didn't look to be doing much business.

      2. I was peering in the window with tears in my eyes since they were closed. Now, it is raining and I dont want to go out because I didnt bring an umbrella. Whats a girl to do?!

        1. Update: I got there! and I bought some artichoke ravioli. It was just under five bucks and they were fantastic. I am looking forward to trying other offerings. I cooked them for 3 min and tossed them with a bit of creme fraiche and lemon zest and a little parmesan. I served it as a first course tonight with pan roasted salmon with green beans.

          1. I bought two packages of Pappardelle today, only $6.95 total. Tossed it with some fresh ricotta/herbs/EVOO for dinner. Very, very good. This place is a major, major addition to the NE. I have walked by a number of times in the past week and every time the same woman was at the station making the pasta.

            The man who helped me, however, was quite surly and surprisingly unresponsive to my compliment "I am so glad you are open." Whatever, I guess. Fresh pasta for such reasonable prices, saving me the work of doing it myself - - I guess I will take his indifference.

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              I walked by today and the name being painted on the door is DePasquale's Fresh Pasta. Joe from Fleet St Tutto Italiana seems to be running it and Frank was there. I can't explain any surliness but maybe you were served by 1 of the workmen? Both Joe and Frank have always been very cordial to me. I don't know if you speak Italian but if you don't and got an Italian speaking gentleman, it may have been a language barrier. Don't take it personally..:)

              I had some black squid ink pasta, which I prepared with fresh squid/garlic the other night..great..and also have some pappardelle for tomorow

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                frank certainly won't be working the counter, lol.

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                  :) No, but he seems very hands on during the opening process. He's been there every day I've gob=ne by lately.

                  It took me a while for Joe to warm up to me, I think he's a nice guy; but I don't think English is his first language and what might appear as "non cordial" might be just unfamiliarity.

                  Gino at Sulmona is also "shy" and speaks Italian and "butcher English,"

                  I had the same situation with a few of the women who worked at the Cheng Kwong Market..then Super 88 in Chinatown. Took a little time to develop a good relationship.

                  or to speak Spanish in an East Boston market.,much warmer experience.

                  To me, that's part of the richness of living in a mixed ethnic city like Boston.

                  Still working on my Polish for Baltic Mkt..:)

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                    I may have overstated the reaction I got from behind the counter on my visit - it was just a footnote to the experience, and I only mentioned it because for a new business I found it a little surprising, and also I am probably spoiled by the general friendliness of the various businesses I frequent in the NE for fish/meat/produce, etc. The quality of the product is all I really care about.

                    On that note, I think the location and quality will encourage people to up their pasta I.Q., which might then translate to more (truly) fresh pasta on menus, which can only be a good thing.

                    The squid ink pasta is definitely next...

              1. I am eating a bowl of spinach ravioli as I type this post. It is really awesome! $3.95 for about a dozen ravioli. Delicious and fresh spinach ricotta filling. I'm excited about this place. My expanding waisline...that's another story.

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                1. re: chicken pot pie

                  tell me about it! I started a new job this week that is a stons throw away.... uh-oh

                2. I swung by yesterday afternoon and picked up two packages of the Radiatori. They were $2.95 each. I cooked them last night with some sauce and broccoli rabe sausages. I was VERY happy with the pasta. Great fresh flavor.

                  Next stop, ravioli!

                  Also, the gentleman at the counter was very pleasant and very helpful. Explaining the hours, the pasta and answering any other questions I may have had.

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                      I had the pappardelle w/rabe sausage last night too..Great!

                      Did you get the sausage at the pasta shop? I got mine at Pace. I think they're great sausages.

                      1. re: 9lives

                        I got mine at Pace as well. They are amazing.

                        Great minds think alike and all that good stuff! :)

                    2. I swung by again yesterday and got two packages of meat ravioli ($9 and change) instead of the squid ink, which I tossed with a simple tomato sauce. Really excellent. I am so happy this store has opened.

                      (And the same gentleman helped me and was very nice, so I retract my earlier observation and hope it is no longer a topic of people's comments - the pasta is the focus and it is outstanding, that is what matters.)

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                        Just back from both Maria's and DiPasquale's Pasta.
                        Disappointed in both.
                        Lack of selection at Maria's, cases were mostly empty. If you only wanted Cannoli's or cookies, you were all set.
                        I'll take Dave's Fresh pasta anyday over the new North End spot.
                        While they have quite a few selections of different cuts, the only selectiond they seem to have were squid and black pepper.

                        1. re: janzy

                          I just got back from bringing a co-worker over there. They also had a pesto pasta and a spinach pasta in addition to the pepper and squid ink.

                          I agree that Dave's has a better selection but, where I work right across the street, the quality is very good and the convenience even better. I will say that the flavor of the pasta was excellent as well.

                          I also asked about additional flavors and the fellow behind the counter said they will expand the flavors as business gets better.

                          1. re: janzy

                            "the only selectiond (sic) they seem (sic) to have were squid and black pepper."

                            Please explain, I am not clear on what you were expecting to find and did not.

                            More importantly, did you purchase anything and taste it?

                            1. re: StevieC

                              I was expecting to find more flavors than just black pepper and squid ink.
                              Dave's always has at least 6 different flavors of pasta when I go there.
                              I did buy and taste a pound of chef's hats. I didn't mention anything about taste, just selections.
                              StevieC, I didn't know this board was an exercise in spelling expertise!
                              Typing error on selectionS and I see nothing wrong with seem, teacher!

                              1. re: janzy

                                You are absolutely right, that was obnoxious on my part and I apologize.

                                I did not have a good day yesterday. Chowhound is not the place to work out issues...

                              2. re: StevieC

                                By the way, there was no pesto or spinach pastas at 2pm Friday.

                                1. re: janzy

                                  While it is wonderful to have this shop in the North End, I think people need to know that contrary to their website, and despite the fact that there is a woman in the window rolling out pasta every day, most of the fresh pasta sold in the store is not made in the store daily as the owner would have you believe. Most of the pasta is purchased from another company. Hang around the plaza at 5 am and you can see it being delivered. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but I think people need to know this, and advertising the pasta as made on the premises is misleading at the very least.

                                    1. re: Pa amb Tomaquet

                                      "Hang around the plaza at 5 am ..."

                                      we trust you :)

                                    2. re: janzy

                                      I was there at 3:30pm on Friday afternoon and asked what flavors they had. The owner showed me both the pesto and spinach flavored pastas in the corner case two over from where the black pepper and squid ink pastas were.

                                      Did you ask for other flavors?

                                  1. re: Buddernut

                                    Well, I should have figured that out. Thanks.

                                    1. re: somervilleoldtimer

                                      Don't be too hard on yourself...it could have been Northeast, New England or "New Eater".... I have a lot of trouble with ROFL; OMG; DH; DC, IMHO, etc....
                                      I hate to show my age by asking these things :) "LOL"

                                1. I am still confused by the criticism that DePasquale's does not have enough "flavored" fresh pasta selections. In Italy, with a FEW exceptions, there is no such thing as flavored fresh pasta (unless you are referring to stuffed pastas). Otherwise, the focus is on the noodle and the condimento; the latter is what provides the flavor.

                                  I did try the squid ink pasta last night (one of those few exceptions...) with some shrimp from Mercato del Mare, and it was excellent.

                                  Pa amb Tomaquet: I am intrigued by your post that "most of the fresh pasta sold in the store is not made in the store daily as the owner would have you believe. Most of the pasta is purchased from another company. "

                                  What other company? "Most" being which of the pastas specifically? I suspected that the frozen pastas in the case by the register are from elsewhere, but of the display case which specifically are not made on the premises?