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Jun 8, 2009 02:45 PM

Alternate for Pie N' Burger breakfast in Pasadena?

I love to go to Pie N' Burger for breakfast in Pas...

...but they stop serving it at 11am, and sometimes I like to have breakfast at any time of the day.

What's a good alternate place to go for a good diner-style breakfast in the area? Not looking for fancy french toast or chocolate croissants.......I'm looking for home-made corned beef hash and thick, overbuttered slices of toast.

I've tried Twoey's twice and was unimpressed.


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    1. FYI, on Sundays, they serve breakfast at PnB until 1:00 p.m.

      It depends on your concept of "in the area." There's Fox's restaurant way up on Lake in Altadena. It's not great, but it's very homey.

      If you're willing to venture as far west as Eagle Rock (only about 5 miles from PnB), I've really come to like Armon's restaurant, a darned good coffee shop place, with counter and everything, which is on Eagle Rock Blvd. just south of Colorado. In the other direction, there's LeRoy's in Monrovia on Huntington Drive.

      I'll second Ipse's suggestion for Andy's.

      1. I wasn't too impressed with Andy's the one time I went. You could try Pat & Lorraine's in and on Eagle Rock. Also, Rod's on Colorado in Arcadia.

        1. Shaker's is South Pasadena is where I go...not a lot of ambiance, but covers the need for eggs and hashbrowns at noon or midnight.

          1. Maybe Conrad's on Walnut & Lake. All the usual breakfast stuff. Their "hash browns" though are more on the mashed potato side than the shredded potato side, if that is important to you. When we lived somewhat near Pasadena the Mrs. and I used to like to go to Conrad's on Saturday's or "Sunday's for breakfast in the cocktail lounge. Have a bloody Mary or a Screw Driver before breakfast and catch what ever is playing on the TV.